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Thread: colors ran

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    Super Member jitkaau's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    After years of not pre - washing and never having a problem, I decided to pre - wash because I'm making a quilted jacket and want it to fit when done. It was fortunate, as I had my first colour run on some French braids that I want to put in panels on the jacket, I amusing black, white and red - of course the red ran and the white bits have a pink tinge. The colour catches don't seem to have an effect. My main course of action is trying to figure out which one of the reds was the culprit.lol - Won't be using that one again! Hope you've had success with fixing your quilt.

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    Aug 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
    Red is always your enemy! I refuse to let red clothing come in the house any longer. Just not worth it. Just keep washing with the color catchers and synthrapol. DO NOT DRY it until you get all the dye out. I had this issue with a green fabric several years ago. It was pre-washed and still ran...and ran and ran and ran. I finally gifted the quilt with a box of color catchers and told them to never wash it without them!
    I've also had this experience with a green. I fill a large clear glass bowl with very hot water and drop my new fabrics in one at a time. That way I identify the bleeders before prewashing them all together. Sometimes the bleeders get the hot rinse several times before running clear, and yes, there are a few out there that never quit bleeding. Good to know before using. If the water stays clear, I dump the water and the fabric into the machine for the prewash.

    I am so sorry your beautiful quilt caused you such agony. I'm glad the suggestions were helpful.

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    i had this problem with a quilt I made for my son. I washed the quilt NUMEROUS times with synthropol and color catchers to no avail. AFTER I dried it, my friend told me her method. She washes her quilt in Rit Dye remover. I was skeptical, but she said it only takes out the extra dye. It did not fade any of the other fabrics. You can find it by the Rit dye sometimes in the grocery store. I saw it in Hobby Lobby too and you could try JoAnns or Micheals.
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    May 2011
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    I had a store bought quilt"made in China" set with red sashing, washed it,omg, I tried every thing known to man to selvage it! One day I was watching a quilting show and the guest was talking about overdying fabrics for quilts and a light bulb went off! Ta Da, I overdyed the whole dang quilt! Now I have a pink and red quilt and nobody knows but me(and all you QB friends,but I know you'll never tell.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori S View Post
    Rewash and use Sythropol. It will remove the excess dye that has migrated. But do not wait to do it the longer any dye sets the more it is likely to have permanent staining.
    Synthropol is great for the excess dye and I also recommend Retayn for setting dye. When I do my hand-dyes I use Sythropol for the first wash and then Retayn for the next. If you are prewashing I recommend Retayn to set the dyes, it is also helpful for first wash of new clothes....like blue jeans that will run and run and run....well....colorwise at least.
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    writing down everyone's suggetions. i always wash, but i'm hearing stories of washed fabric bleeding.
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    I hope you can save your quilt! Luckily I haven't had this happen but will bookmark this thread just in case I do run into this problem.

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    Jan 2009
    I've had fabric run, and when I wahed it again, it was fine. Just don't dry in the drier in between!

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