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Thread: copyright vent

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    Aug 2009
    Decatur GA
    A couple of days ago there was a post about sharing a pattern. I admire the new ideas and blocks that people put together and certainly my stash of magazines, books, patterns attest to that. And, yes, a specific new block or technique should be credited and paid for.

    My vent is that I have seen a lot of "patterns" lately that use old, traditonal blocks or ideas... for example, chinese coins with Jelly Roll strips or charm squares or layer cakes, etc. Now if someone wants to write instructions about doing that pattern with one of these pre-cuts, okay.... but I don't feel obliged to "credit" them if I make a Chinese coin quilt using a jelly roll if I don't use their pattern instructions. It doesn't seem right that just because they wrote up instructions means they own the credit for using a jellyroll in a Chinese coin quilt. And if a fellow quilter asks me to show her how I did it and figured things out, I will tell her if I want to -- and I usually do because infecting someone else with this "disease" is fun!! These precuts save quilters a lot of time chosing fabrics and cutting... but using them in some traditional block/quilt and claiming that credit is owed seems ridiculous to me.

    I have seen "patterns" for D9P set on point, -- anything set on point, double 4 patch, etc. I have sewn a long time, and yes, it takes time to figure out how I am going to cut and piece something and therefore how much fabric I need. But that is part of the pleasure for me.

    I hate to think that as I "mess around" with my fabric and graph paper or more sophisticated tools, I have to be constantly aware or do research about whether anyone has copyrighted something similar -- particularly if I am selling the finished project.

    Thanks for listening... guess I needed to get his off my mind and heart.

    I have done the search on copyright discussions on this board and read thru them. the link for http://qnm.com/copyright/index.html
    is no longer active so if someone knows how to get to that again, I would love to read that....

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    Senior Member AtHomeSewing's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
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    I do not believe any credit is due to them.

    Please go to this site for correct info:


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    If I have a pattern or book someone wants to borrow I lend it to them. I won't make copies of it but if letting someone borrow the original is breaking the law, I don't lose sleep over it.

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    Dec 2008
    La Quinta, CA
    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo
    If I have a pattern or book someone wants to borrow I lend it to them. I won't make copies of it but if letting someone borrow the original is breaking the law, I don't lose sleep over it.
    I do too!

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    Super Member dakotamaid's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    South central Nebraska, US
    So photocopying a page of a magazine for someone is that copyright abuse??

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    Super Member susie0808's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Long Island N.Y.
    I think all this copyrighting stuff is for the birds!!! Yes we all know these patterns are claimed by someone. We all use these patterns but it is the QUILT that is ours to claim!!!

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    Senior Member lhavelka's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Pittsburgh PA
    I agree!

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    Jan 2009
    According to this site, a technique cannot be copyright.

    "Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts and schemes. Rather, it protects the manner in which the idea or information is expressed". Copyright does not protect techniques. thus, while you may verbally share with your friends what you did in a workshop(a), to photocopy the notes for them(b) is infringement of copyright....


    So if someone has a TECHNIQUE for using jelly rolls to make a public domain block like an Ohio Star, that technique is not copyright. What is copyright is the book or other publication itself.

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    Super Member Rose Marie's Avatar
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    Think about this one.
    I check out quilting books from the Library and make copies of the quilts I like.

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    Super Member amandasgramma's Avatar
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    May 2009
    La Pine Oregon, USA
    It would be pretty darn hard to go back and credit a pioneer woman. After seeing some antique quilts in a show, I've discovered there's not many "techniques" that are new....just "unremembered". I don't sweat it. Besides, anyone that wants to sue me is in for a big surprise ---- and no money!!!!

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