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Thread: Do any of you ever make one like "they used to do it"?

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    Question Do any of you ever make one like "they used to do it"?

    I found a pattern from 1981 in my stash a few days ago. This was before rotary cutting and strip-piecing took over, I am guessing..? It calls for over 2,500 tiny pieces (mostly 1.5" sq.) that are then hand-pieced. I find that, once in awhile, I just have to do one the "old way". Well, not the hand-piecing part, as that is not a strong suit for me! But without the strip piecing, and other quick methods. The pattern is what I have seen called "Burgoyne Surrounded" and each block has like 90-some pieces. There are 20 of these in the quilt.
    I like to do one old school(somewhat), once a year, just to feel in touch with all the quilters that have kept it alive. Kinda nerdy, my kids tell me, but if it was good enough for the ones that started it ... then why not keep something of it going from time to time? Besides, the skills needed to do it the old ways are valuable, even nowadays. What about ya'll? Anyone ever go back to the true basics from time to time, just because?

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    My mom did all her quilting and piecing by hand..I machine piece the majority, but hand quilt all my quilts. I do have a full hand worked project going at all times. This travels with me for waiting times at doctors, and picking up kids etc...I also have times that I just want to work by hand. It makes me feel like my Mom is close by again, and just like to keep some traditions alive

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    Yes -

    Occasionally I will hand piece a block just to figure out which way the seams should be pressed after it's done. I like the flexibility that hand-piecing gives when it comes to pressing the seams.

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    I do some hand work, however with RA my old hands give up on me sometimes so I find the newer ways much easier on me. I treasure the hand quilted quilts of my Mothers, that is all she ever did.

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    I don't hand piece but I do tend to favor the older blocks. There's just something very satisfying, about using the same patterns, my ancestors used.

    By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
    ~Richard Dawkins

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    My first 3 quilts were just squares of scrap fabric and old clothes, cut with scissors, and tied with yarn. That is very much "how they used to do it."
    jlm5419-an Okie back in Oklahoma!

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    The old way was because at the time, there was no other way. I always ignore anyone that says it's not a real quilt unless it's made the old way unless I was selling quilts to them . LOL
    No way I'd cut quilt pieces with scissors. I'd go back to doing crossstitch and crochet.
    Got fabric?

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    No. I also don't grow my own cotton, weave my own fabric or pound my clothes clean on rocks in a river. One of the most prized possessions of any household in the late 1860s was the sewing machine.

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    I don't do it "just because," and I don't believe hand piecing and hand quilting is intrinsically better than machine work. I do hand work because I enjoy it, and because I don't screw up as much when I go by hand.

    I much admire the work that some of the machine quilters do...and I'm grateful for them, because they've helped quilt making boom as a hobby.


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    Nope, to impatient. I didn't start quilting until the rotary cutter came into my line of site. I don't even like to hand stitch the binding.....

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