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Thread: Does it matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dina View Post
    I don't get the digest form but go to Main and read the different threads. I don't understand though...does that mean I see all the threads or just some of them?
    The thing about reading from the Home Main page on the QB is that you have to wade through all the threads that you've already read, and already decided you weren't interested in.
    And you might miss the one really relevant one (to you) that perhaps didn't get a lot of posts (so it will just drop off).
    It could be on page 4 - so you'll probably never see it.

    Viewing from the QB Forum home page just lists, by section, the threads with the most recent posts.
    So if someone posts to a thread that's been dormant for 2 years, it is no at the top of the Main page.

    Realistically, there are ~15 new posts on a given day in a forum.
    So even if you don't see it right away, but view it hours later, your post will probably on the first or second page, because the majority is viewing through the home page OR reading via the digest.
    Which means they don't even know the thread exists.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dina View Post
    I always read every answer on a thread before I comment, but now I understand why sometimes I get a question that I have already answered on threads I have started. I never thought of skipping to the end to add a comment. Duh. Now it makes sense.Dina
    Do not even get me started on this ubiquitous practice

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    brunssum, the netherlands
    I'm on the board every day,
    I read through all of the new topics, but only react if I'm all wiped out by a quilt or technique.
    Not because I'm not interested in the rest of them but simply because it takes me a lot of time because I have to translate first.
    Not seldom I have to consult a dictionary (like right now) and that takes time.....a lot of time.
    But I do love the quiltingboard and the way you people are always in to help others......Thanks for that
    greetz, fien

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    If I start a thread with a question, or show pictures, I read all the posts. If someone else posts a picture, I read the first page, unless I am going to ask a question. If I am going to say "great job", then I post without reading. If I am going to ask further questions about the pattern, technique, etc. I read all the pages before posting.

    I mainly only read the forums titled "Main" and "Pictures".

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    I don't think I know how to find the archive. When I go in, I usually click on "What's New" to see recent stuff. Now I'm curious about the archive option.
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    I read over the Resource page and then go to the Archive at the bottom of page and see what is new in all catagories. I look at most of the pictures and most times comment. I read most of every comment and I get furious at the ones that ask a question that has already been answered. Some are obviously just skipping around. I have a lot of postings but, I spend spare time at work looking and commenting. In the evenings I sometimes don't turn computer on. I usually start at the last one I have read and go up. Sometimes I start at top and go down. I get furious at the ones who post something and never post to say how something turned out. Several are very bad about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luana View Post
    What a good question. If you look at the number of replies and the number of views it is evident the many look and don't write anything. If you read all of the comments on multiple pages, you notice that some are not reading all the replies before they add to the post. When I have come to the board for advice, I have always received several very specific helpful suggestions, and I am grateful that someone took the time to help me solve a problem. When I post pictures of a finished project, I appreciate the replies that let me know that someone really looked at my work and commented on the style, detail, color, etc. or asks a question about the pattern or fabric. It is my experience that even if I ask a question on the 9th page of replies, I will get an answer from the person who posted. So I know it matters because they returned to the page to check on the replies.

    I will never read all the comments before replying. I reply to as many posts as are interesting-----------------as I read them. Which is why I often have 4 or 5 or more replies end to end.
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    Every post I reply to, I get in my email. Some days I get 15 quilting board email responses. Every time someone responds to a post I wrote on, I get an email about it. It's crazy and I can't figure out how to fix this. How do I turn this feature off? I have way too many emails. I usually go to main and read the current posts and maybe page 2 and 3 if I have extra time to kill. I really enjoy the Quilting Board. It's like a friend to me. And I pick and choose which ones to read and I read all of the responses. If I started the post, I read all of the responses, of course. I do pm people and apologize for pming them, in case they are offended. Usually it's to ask where they acquired the pattern of the quilt they are showing. But there are certain people I admire and look for their advice on posts and have to read all the posts to find their responses. We have some very smart people on this board. My mentor is the smartest one on here!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcrow View Post
    It's crazy and I can't figure out how to fix this. How do I turn this feature off?
    Click on SETTINGS (top right of screen).

    Select GENERAL SETTINGS (on left side)


    Select: Through my Control Panel ONLY

    Further down is the Private Message option
    If you want to, you can select to turn off those emails as well.

    After you make your selections, you can still view your subscribed to threads by selecting SETTINGS at the top left of the screen.
    If you have PM's, you'll get a pop-up box as soon as you access the QB site.

    And no more emails.
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    Totally agree with Joyce, too. If I comment on someone's work I like to read what others have said. (Even so I often get impatient and post something that's already been posted!)

    And, YES I do like to read the responses to my posts - you all are my sounding board. Living alone and not being a joiner of guilds and clubs makes your opinions extra worthwhile to me! Thank you all!
    Never regret growing older, its a privilege denied to many.
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    MTS, thanks for the explanation. I will probably continue to go to the Main section and read the threads. I normally am on several times during the day and often go back a few pages. I think that means I see most of the threads that are started. Plus, I am a creature of habit....but I really appreciate the explanation. : )


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