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Thread: to the dogs..oh well

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    Super Member Jill's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat625 View Post
    I bet I would like the dog better anyway!!
    Exactly my thought!

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    Senior Member rainagade's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Western WA
    All my doggies have quilts, just for them. Durable, washable and just for them. These actually protect the furniture. I know they enjoy the quilts more than my 2 DIL's do.

    I made a quilt for one DIL, she told me at the baby shower people don't use quilts for babies anymore.
    I made an embroiered wall hanging for another GD. Only when I was visited the house, it was in the back of the closet on the corner.

    No more of that.

    A quilting I will go......


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    Apr 2012
    Chicago, IL
    I really don't think the average person realizes how much time and love is put into making a quilt let alone the cost. In a recent conversation with my sister-in-law I mentioned that the material alone for a baby crib quilt that I was making cost me over $100 she said "wow" I had no idea. She thought a handmade quilt that she recently won was about $30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quilting4five View Post
    One of the very first quilts I made I gave to my collie I used it to practice free motion quilting and loved seeing her be cozy with it (she is one of those types of dogs that will walk through the house until she finds some fabric on the floor - a small dishtowel or one of the kids' sweatshirts - and then snuggle on that -- she really loves fabric!). Maybe your friend's dog was equally drawn to the love and comfort of your quilt...
    awww....you are such a warm-hearted gal! your response to this ever-happening irritant simply gives me lots of warm fuzzies!
    Eliminate "can't" from your vocabulary and see what happens.

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    Maybe this tells you how much he loves his dog. Dogs need nice beds too. Our cats always take the best , warmest
    chair to sleep in.

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    Senior Member Landers's Avatar
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    Lincoln CA
    You know Dogs love colorful quilts. I made my granddog, Oliver "ollie". He l;oves it!!!
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    Senior Member Cagey's Avatar
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    I crocheted by brother a beautiful cable knit afghan for his wedding and the dogs got it shortly after.
    Yep -they're off my list

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    Dec 2012
    @ Louise: Nope, your DD is not getting that quilt back...puppy says "MINE!"

    I like the responses here and can relate on most sides:
    • I've used old quilts that have no meaning to me and are just old and dirty to cover furniture while moving, and pets for vet trips.
    • I've sent quilts that have no meaning to me to GW (because, IMO, someone will use/love it more than I)...for the record, it's not about the person that gave it to me; most of the time I have no idea where said quilts came from.
    • I've used and loved one quilt from a childhood friend that she gave us as a wedding gift...it has been used and used...it's the biggest and warmest...and has just been used and used...and recently got a hole in it. I was sad, but also, as I took it out of the washer, realized that it wasn't out of abuse, but love of the quilt that it had come to such a state.
    • I have friends that would love to have a quilt for their dog...and some of them would actually pay you to make a REALLY NICE one for their pet.
    • I have a cat who laid claim to my chicken quilt while I was photographing it. No, it's not for you, but ok, you can lay there. I bet this is often what happens to quilts that end up "going to the dogs" because the dog CLAIMS it as their own at some point.

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    Super Member barri1's Avatar
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    Woodmere, NY
    I never made a quilt for the dog.. I'm not there yet. I did make a mat for the car, as his behind gets cold. I do notice every once in a while, I'll catch him napping on a quilt I leave on a trunk for show.. I really should stitch something up for his birthday which will be on weds. He will be eight.

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    Junior Member tyoung's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I try to remember once I give the gift, it is no longer mine, but it is so difficult. I have a hard time gifting quilts for this reason. I know I made some tie blankets for christmas as a check, and haven't seen them used since.

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