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Thread: From Don-isewman--?? for everyone

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    Senior Member crashnquilt's Avatar
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    IMHO, your pricing is fair and even a bit low, IF you are only making the quilt top. But, I know the labor and time involved. You will find that most people have NO CLUE what is involved in making a quilt. I will tell you of the pitfalls I have come across when people (mostly family members) that want a quilt. First the mind set is "Geez it is just a little bit of sewing what's so hard with that?!" Oh if only we could explain! Then there is also the "Big deal, cut fabric sew it together. A monkey to do that!" Really? Then go hire a monkey! (don't forget bananas are expensive)
    Now, regarding your particular situation. #1-the pattern. Find out from the customer what they have in mind or their idea of the finished quilt. If they have no idea, you find 4 or 5 patterns within your skill set and have the customer choose which one they like. I guarantee if you choose the pattern, the end customer will not like it! PERIOD. Oh they may appear to be elated with the top, but later down the road eventually it will be said, "Well, it really wasn't what I was wanting..." (don't believe me? Wanna see my tshirt!) I am not trying to discourage you and please don't take this post to be so. I am trying to help you AVOID pitfalls that I have experienced. (and I attended HARD KNOCK HIGH for many years)
    People don't understand WHAT goes into making a quilt. They don't realize how long it takes too:
    Prep the fabric
    Organize fabric
    Square up blocks
    Matching seams
    etc, etc, etc
    As I said at the beginning of the post, your pricing FOR THE TOP ONLY is fair if not a bit low. If your customer complains that the price is to high, DO NOT WAIVER from your price. Just say something to the effect of there is more work behind the seam lines than is realized and after consulting with others you have found your price to be a bit low but doable. If they still complain about pricing you can always say, "Well, I will be glad to discount the price IF you can come help me with some of the work involved." That is what I did with my nephew and he is now my biggest fan of my quilts. He had a friend of his ask about his quilt. The friend wanted one. My nephew very quickly popped up and said, "I know exactly how much work is in a quilt. Buddy, if you have $1,000 I'll take it to my aunt as your down payment!"

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    I think $150.00 is a very fair price!!!!

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    Oct 2009
    I quoted a guy $1200 for an extra large king size DWR quilt....he's still telling me this year that he "can't afford it just yet"...told him fine, I don't work for zero profit on purpose....if he waits much longer the material cost will go up and he'll still have a problem...LOL!
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    just her undecision would make me pass on the deal. I believe you have already spent too much time making samples to show and still appears to not satisfy.

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    I just have one thing to say......CONTRACT

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    Super Member alleyoop1's Avatar
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    Check online (I think it's called ETSY?) to see what quilts are selling for - and if you have any shops in your area that sell quilts. Use these numbers, plus your expenses to come up with a fair market value!

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    Power Poster twinkie's Avatar
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    I think if your price figures the fabric and the above fabric was furnished, Don's price is fair. I have found that most people do not want to pay what something homemade is worth.

    Quote Originally Posted by leatheflea View Post
    I just made a baby quilt, 52x64, $180. I did 86x86 for $300. Most quilters charge your cost times 2.5 . You will still not get what you've put in it, if you figure in time.

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    London, On, Canada
    Most people I have found can't tell the difference between handmade and offshore. Here in Canada, anyone can walk into "The Quilt Store" in any mall and pay $69 for a king size quilt. I also do stained glass as well as quilting and have given it up due to offshore stained glass lamps selling for 1/10th the cost of handmade. sitting at a craft show and having people tell you it's beautiful but overpriced ended it for me. Make sure the customer knows and agrees to the price beforehand or you could end up with bad feelings all around.

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    Super Member eparys's Avatar
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    New England, USA
    I think your price sounded very reasonable. I agree with Hollice - her indecision would cause me concern.

    I used to do English Smocking and tried to sell Hand Smocked hand made dresses and bonnets all with french seams etc. No one wanted to pay the price for quality hand made items back then and it has not changed. I was asked recently to do a quilt by a relative of a friend - I passed on it just for this reason.

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    I think the level of your expertise should have something to it as well. A new quilter might not produce as expert a quilt as someone with more experience. So far I haven't gotten into selling quilts, just quilting for love mostly. I've been quilting for 15+years, sewing all my life, but still don't consider myself a professional.

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