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Thread: From Don-isewman--?? for everyone

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    Good morning Don,
    I had someone ask me recently if I made quilts to sell. I just told them 'no' because I don't like deadlines and folks don't want to pay what the quilt is worth in material and time. The someone happened to be my cousin so she just might get a quilt as a gift but the fabric and pattern will be my choosing and no deadline. Be sure to factor in the time already spent in blocks you have made etc in giving her something to choose from. That's part of the process too.

    I am going to place the items I make on a shelf. If a relative (close friend) admires one in particular, they might find themselves the owner of a new quilt. This way I don't have to worry about being disappointed or worried if they like the quilt.

    Word does get around that Don Wiseman will 'make you a quilt'. Do you have a response ready?

    Happy quilting!


    Sew little time and sew many ideas

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    I made a quilt last year for a lady that has a beauty shop near me. It was a queen size with University of Kentucky logo fabric). She asked how much I would charge and I told her $125.00. She was okay with that. It took me weeks to complete the quilt, sent it to my long arm quilter and when she delivered the finished quilt she told me I could have gotten $1,500.00 for the quilt. Whoa! I was shocked! When I delivered the quilt I told the lady that "her" price was $125.00 but that I was advised the quilt could have sold for $1,500.00. She didn't seem to care that I had underpriced the making of this quilt. There were several ladies in her shop at the time and they oohed and ahhhed over the quilt but quieted down when I revealed what the quilt should have sold for. Why do people that our time isn't worth anything? They expect to be paid at their job, so why shouldn't we? May not be a job but it is still our time and money involved.

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    THANK YOU- THANK YOU TO EVERYONE with a answer on make a lap quilt(20 blocks) for this lady friend. She had her 5 fabric's, but not a background fabric. The fabric she had, I could of cut out certain size sq's, or certain size rectangle. Yes and no to charge her $150.00 may of been a little high. But doing her a quilt top, to me I wasn't doing it for little cost. I would rather make quilts for my family & grdkids. And after, I mentioned $150.00, to make her a top, she changed her color's of wanting. Again THANK YOU LADIES for your knowledge & thoughts. Don-isewman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holice View Post
    just her undecision would make me pass on the deal. I believe you have already spent too much time making samples to show and still appears to not satisfy.
    I agree with Holice.

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    Thank you, for this thread! It is always a point of frustration for me..(prices) I look around and I could make more at McD's with kids wages than people will pay for art that is so much work!! /took me lots of years to make my art work skill where it is.. When people watch me paint..make a pattern..etc. one question usually is "how long did that take you?" couple min on some things but a long time to learn how! I usually ask them what they do and how long did it take them to make or do what they do.cost of material-time to make it.interesting study!! love the QB!

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    Sounds good to me.
    J J (jbj137)

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    When they supply the fabric, I do it on an hourly rate of $8.00 per hour and if there's a cost for machine quilting, they pay that as well. $8.00 per hour isn't much, but I get to stay home and do something I really like doing. So it's enough for me.
    We are here to learn how to live in heaven - I'm still learning.

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