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Thread: Dumb question -- any ideas?

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    Question Dumb question -- any ideas?

    Not really sure where to post, so I hope this is okay. I lurk a lot on the boards but issues with life have kept me from doing much this year. Anyway... I will preface my question with this: I do not always play well with others and I rarely excel at playing "follow the leader" blindly down the garden path.

    I belong to a quilting group that although filled with wonderful ladies, it could use some serious organization and planning, at least in my opinion.

    Our group is supposed to work on homework for our next meeting. Apparently it is a major secret what the project is going to be. I'm not confident in my ability to use good judgement in placing values/scales/colors in quilt blocks when I don't have a clue what the heck I'm supposed to be making. Yep, I'm one of those who doesn't like secrecy or mystery unless I'm reading a book or watching TV. I like to see the ending from the beginning so I have a clue of what to aim for.

    Our homework:
    2 sets of strips, WOF x at least 22 inches. Strips can vary in width and that is encouraged: 1.5 to 2.75 in wide
    background squares of white cut to 12 1/2 inches, with a mark 3 inches from each corner
    4 inch squares, 10 each of 2 colors to showcase in the blocks, cut on diagonal and then have the diagonal pressed under 1/4 inch without stretching anything. (Right, like I can do that. )
    a yard of non fusible interfacing or super thin fabric in place of interfacing.

    Apparently there is some super duper template we will have to use in addition to the long rectangular ruler and/or a square one.

    I've tried googling some keywords to see if I can hit on any possible quilts or blocks and have hit a brick wall. So, you awesome ladies & gents, does this pattern/instruction set sound familiar to anyone? I'll try to be a good girl and not pre-cut anything not listed in my homework, but I really would like an idea of the end result as it may change the fabrics I choose for the project.

    Another thing that has me on edge is that I am NOT into scrappy stuff unless it's planned scrappy (i.e., you have 13 reds, 12 blues, 5 whites and 14 purples & you vary which red, blue or whatever in each block, but the red is always in the same spot...) I don't like the stuff that came to be by your pulling out of a bag & sewing together whether it matches or not. Most of the rest of the group LOVES scrappy. Me, not so much.

    Even if you don't guess correctly, I know you'll have some spectacular suggestions. You always do.
    TIA & have an awesome week!

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    Oh, I feel your pain! I can't do any type of mystery block/quilt project. I can't stand not knowing what the finished project is supposed to look like. I too can only do a "planned" scrappy project. A suggestion for the diagonals with the 1/4" turned under: I would use a piece of freezer paper, ironed to the wrong side of the fabric. I would make sure that I cut the piece short the 1/4" and then turn it under and press it making sure I starched it well. Good Luck!!!
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    YIKES! The only thing I can think of might be a twister of some sort?? Also, it sounds as if you know yourself well...you might just have to "blindly follow" on this one and think of it as getting you out of your box! Please keep us posted on this project!

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    OMG! I don't think I could do that!

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    I really don't like the "pull it out of a bag, anything goes" type of scrappy quilt color schemes. I would HAVE to deliberately chose a very controlled color scheme for my colors = maybe very closely graduated tones on one hue, such as shades of blue,. Maybe shades of a medium and a darker medium blue. No big contrast at all - I would be very content with that. Then if I didn't like what the block looked like I could add something different with the sashing, or use it for a hot pad. LOL.
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    I use to be stiff and no fun when doing a mystery by worrying about color placement or what I could have done if I had known what it was suppose to look like. I realized I was taking the excitement out of the group and making the mystery a chore instead of fun. Now I can make a mystery quilt and not fret over blue against blue or orange against red and have fun with the group.
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    Sounds to me like this is a great exercise in "letting go"!

    Sounds like they didn't tell you what colors to pick....just start with colors you like (separately and together) and see what happens!

    What's the worst that could happen? You'll have something to donate to charity when you're done, or find a friend who loves it.

    What's the best that could happen? You'll have fun, learn something new (about quilting and/or about yourself), maybe even discover a new "flavor" in your taste for what goes with what!

    I say just go for it...no worries, no regrets.

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    I did my first mystery quilt 2 years ago and really enjoyed it!!!! I hope you let yourself go and try something new!!!
    A quilt is a blanket of love. Sharon

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    I do like scrappy, but...I want to know ahead of time what the pattern is. I don't do mystery quilts...just can't stand not having some idea of what it will look like. Guess that I am a very uptight quilter. Sewnoma is right though...it will be a good way to loosen up, so just go for it. Good luck and show us what you end up with. Have fun!!

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    Hi draggin... Don't be so hard on yourself. There are loads of us who don't like the "pull outa' the bag" or mystery quilt projects. I figure that if I'm going to invest my time, energy and $$$ I want to at least have an idea of the outcome.
    If you aren't comfortable doing the mystery project... don't do it. There are soooo many fabulous patterns out there... make one of them and you'll love doing it. And that's the best part of making quilts..enjoying the process!
    Good luck and have fun with whatever you decide to make.

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