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Thread: Fabric Moratorium Update - September 2011

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    Senior Member KiwiQuilter's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    We are nine months into our fabric moratorium BUT anyone can join at any time :) The official end of the moratorium is 1 November 2011. That’s only 2 months away. Don’t know about you – but I’m getting pretty excited :)

    Here’s a quick summary of the guidelines/rules:
    • no fabric purchases to start a new quilt top (till 1 November 2011)

    “Allowed” purchases include any item required to finish an existing project (either WIP or UFO), including but not limited to:
    • batting
    • backing or binding fabric
    • fabric (if nothing in your stash will work)
    • thread or notions
    • fabric purchased on a plan prior to 1 December 2010 (e.g. block of the month)

    So why are we doing this – the reasons are as varied as there are people involved. Some of those reasons include:
    • de-stashing
    • focus on finishing WIPs
    • financial constraints

    Want to bend the guidelines/rules a little? Sure – go for it. Some have chosen to:
    • commit for a shorter period of time
    • buy fabric if a really good sale comes along
    • setting a budget for how much they will spend each month
    • use 1 fabric from their stash each month
    • purchase new fabric for volunteer projects

    Threads that are related to this are:
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    So now… it’s update time. What have you been working on? What have you (or have not) purchased?

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    Super Member
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    Nov 2010
    Mabank, Texas
    I have bought very little fabric and/or quilting supplies in the last 6 months. I have finished several WIPs and have made a few small things using farbric from my stash. However, I am getting weaker by day and may not be able to hold off much longer. To much beautiful fabric and not enough will power.

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    Super Member DogHouseMom's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    Hello. My name is Sue and I'm a Fabriholic.

    (pause for group response of "Hi Sue!")

    I hope this isn't a 12 step program because I have ADD and by the time I get to step 5 I'll see something shiny and forget about steps 6 - 12.

    Have only been quilting/collecting fabric for about 4 years. During that time I've amassed a decent stash. Within my stash are a myriad of prints, colors, batiks, solids, toners ... I have everything EXCEPT novelty prints and holiday fabrics (any holiday). Neither of these have ever interested me. I am quite happy with my stash. Most of my stuff are fabrics that I purchased just because (just because it was pretty, and just because it was on sale). This includes about 50 yards of various batiks from Hancock's of Paducah when I went to the quilt show. Can you say Nirvana???

    So ... I'm going to commit to this. The ONLY fabric I will allow myself to buy for the remainder of 2011 are novelty prints and holiday fabrics!!

    I am just finishing a landscape quilt, binding and label only to go. Also in the works is an "Omigosh" that I started last November, but put it aside when the landscape quilt (a wedding gift) became a priority. The "Omigosh" will be the first quilt I make for ME. All my others have been gifts. I have all the fabric I'll need, including backing, binding, and batting.

    After that .. I have enough ideas and fabric to keep going well into 2012.

    My last fabric purchase was ... last weekend :( I went to town to get bobbin thread to finish the landscape quilt. I buy my thread at a Vac & Sew, they don't sell fabric (but I did Ooooh and Ahhhh the Bernina 830LE). However, directly across the street is my favorite LQS. The good news is that I FINALLY found panels for a fracture that I've been itching to do (the only thing that comes close to what I would consider a "novelty" print in my stash).

    While I'm at it, I really need to start dieting as well. I need to look good .... well "good" is a stretch ... I need to look like I don't need to be pushed back into the water when I hit the beach in Jamaica in October.

    So here I go on my journey. I'm committed. Or should be.


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    Super Member DogHouseMom's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    Quote Originally Posted by BETTY62
    I have bought very little fabric and/or quilting supplies in the last 6 months. I have finished several WIPs and have made a few small things using farbric from my stash. However, I am getting weaker by day and may not be able to hold off much longer. To much beautiful fabric and not enough will power.
    6 months! Bravo!! Keep up the good work. You inspire me. I'm just starting this trip down the road of shopping my stash.

    yup. Going to look at it that way. I can still go shopping all I want as long as I limit it to my sewing room. I'm sure I'll discover fabrics I've long since forgotten.

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    Senior Member magnolia's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    I am currently trying to finish all of the quilt kits I bought. I had about 4 that were just sitting around. I now have two all put together and only have two left. Of course they aren't quilted yet. That takes money, either renting the longarm or sending them out. I had to take a break. My mom wants a photo quilt so I had to buy fabric for that. She is really sick right now so I couldn't say no. I am trying to stay focused and at least get the other two quilt tops done. Once they are done then I can figure out what to do with the quilting.

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    Super Member Sienna's GiGi's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Akron, Ohio - Atlanta, GA - Mannheim Germany
    I'm doing good so far! I haven't seen any killer sales so all is well with my no-fabric commitment.

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    Super Member quilterella's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Small town south of Ottawa, Ontario
    Blog Entries
    I still have not bought any fabric since joining this Moratorium, but, I think I'm going into severe fabric withdrawl...it's been 6 or 7 months now. I have finished one comissioned quilt and still have one more to go. I am currently working on a quilt for my best friend's 25 anniversary. It is currently on the quilting frame. My stash has been hit hard by the Moratorium and will need replenishing, but, it will have to wait until January, unless, I fall off the wagon (LOL).

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    Senior Member LisaGibbs's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Western Kentucky
    I think my husband would agree that I need to go on this moratorium with all of you. However, I hate to start when something is almost over so maybe I can catch up with you all on the next one. In the mean time, I will help all of your withdrawals and continue my stash building until then. Beginning January 1st I believe I better start one and begin those projects I have "purchased" for.

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    Senior Member A1penny's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Long Island/Beechhurst, NY
    Oh, I wish I had found this site sooner! I have actually TRIED to be very good this year and have worked on deminishing my stash by actually finishing all the UFO's I have tucked away. I'm ashamed to say that I have finished the tops of 12 projects since the summer began! Ashamed to find that I still have more to do! I have done the backings for most of these, put in the batting and have pinned them. They are ready for me to quilt and the rest are ready ot go to the long arm lady!
    I did clean out my fabric stash and have a pile of fabric I KNOW I will never use to give to a senior center.
    I have avoided going to any shows this spring and summer, and have decided NOT to go to Houston again this fall. (A yearly trip for me. Definately a huge stash builder!!!!)
    I DID buy some fabric online and a few more quilt books! I found I don't like the fabric as much as when I saw it online..........and one of the quilt books was a waste!
    So, I am definately joining this group but will TRY to go until the end of the year, not just until November!!

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    Super Member Barbm's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    blink and you've missed it
    I didn't give myself a moratorium, I know I couldn't do it. But- I have purchased small things- fabric to complete projects, fabric here on the board to go with things I have or panels for charity quilts.

    I've destashed by helping a friend learning to quilt and organized my stash so I know what I have so I shop first i it, then figure out what I need. I'm staying out of the lqs- this has not been as difficult as I thought!

    Decided this winter is "me" time. I bought fabric for 2 quilts for my guest bedrooms and it's time to dig into some difficult projects to see how my skill level has improved.

    Finding that my years of purchasing (always sale items to save $$) have now gotten me to where I don't need to buy for projects has helped me to see what I truly need and like and can focus on purging items I won't use. And I love the feel of good lqs fabric!

    I am addicted!

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