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Thread: Fabric Question...

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    Poplin may be a good choice for wears like iron type fabric. JoAnn's carries it. You can find all sorts of fabric at JoAnn's, not just cottons. I believe that work clothes for mechanics, etc. are made of poplin.

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    I used cotton blends when I fisrt started but not anymore. Iprefer the all cottons they hold the press better and stand up a lot longer. The 1st quilt i made was blends and it is now inpeices Good luck enjoy the quilting

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    I rember kettle cloth...from about 30+ years ago. I, too, sewed children's clothes from it.

    I did a search on kettle cloth and, like others, basically came up with forums that asked, "Where is it?"

    Here's something to try, perhaps.

    Check out the Country Curtains website: www.countyrcurtains.com
    They have a fabric used in some of their products called "weavers cloth". I think you can call them and ask for a fabric sample...or just order a yard and see how you like it. I'm not sure if this what we remember and what you're seeking.

    Also, check out this website as well: http://www.nordicneedle.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=G44-00-00

    It's frustrating in today's world to know of a product that has "worked" for years and years and to find that now it's not fashionable or available. Everything today is driven by cost (be it to the producer or the customer)and return on investment (ROI). If the ROI isn't there, then neither is the product.

    There are too many Harvard and other business-school type MBA's running companies today...whether the company is domestic or international. They're all concerned for their jobs and the quarterly earnings. However, we do need to remember that the companies' first obligation is to make money for their share holders...the one's who have taken the investment risk. Any person or institution that is invested in the stock market expects a profit at some point. Otherwise, why bother?

    The flip side of this is that Americans have voted with their dollars that generally they want "cheap"prices (the buyer's ROI) over service, quality, and dependability. Classic example, as discussed extensively here, is WalMart. Intially, it probably was a "good neighbor"...but like the old business model of Standard Oil, it ultimately undercut the "locals" put them out of busniness and then, when a monopoly, raised their prices...and here we are...we have low prices, but at what cost (ROI)?

    For the customer at WalMart, the ROI over the long haul isn't necessarily so great. Their prices today aren't even that low...and they're trying to figure out how to penetrate the more "upscale" / boutique markets. Read that in the Wall Street Journal.

    Apologies for the "rant", but we vote with our dollars...every time we purchase something, we're choosing to not buy something else that is either similar in price or utility. Example being, if more folks buy Hondas, then they're not buying GM products, and GM will discontinue a product line. Anybody remember the Oldsmobile? The ROI on producing Oldsmobiles plummeted and GM doesn't make Oldsmbiles any more. Mine's from 1989...and still going.

    How about well-made, reasonably-priced, American-made furiniture available at a locally-owned furniture store? :cry: The store may be locally-owned, but where is the furniture manufactured?

    Even those fantastic furniture manufacturers in Vermont and the Carolinas are having troubles staying afloat.

    Can you say IKEA?

    Now, do you understand why I need to quilt? It's my therapy!!! It's one of those things that keeps me sane (or what passes for sane). Other things would be my family and my faith.

    I'm off the soap box...for today. :x Thanks for being patient with me. :roll:

    mheuser...in the "parallel universe" aka California...specifically, the San Franciso Bay area...which tells you bunches about my world. Ha!

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