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Thread: Folding fabric

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    Senior Member Sewze's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    These are all great ideas........I'm always arranging and rearranging my fabric that are stored on all the shelves in 2 linen closets, a walk in closed full of shelves, two regular clothes closets, and large plastic bins.....I've been collecting fabric for 40 yrs. :-) The bins hold all my fleece and my largest linen closet holds decorator fabric on two shelves, specialty fabric on one, woolens, flannel, and corduroy on one, and the other two hold cotton fabrics. I store my rolls of drapery fabric on end in one regular closed and use the other closet for hanging my 'works in progress' on skirt hangers. My smaller linen closet holds knit fabrics purchased in the 70's. I can't throw anything away! I might need it some day when it comes back in style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavandula girl
    You just don't want the fabric stored up against the cardboard for a long time.
    Define "long time", she said as she looked through her stack of double knits ;-) LOL

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    Senior Member GwenH's Avatar
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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    When I bring home new fabric, I press it and fold in half so it's 21" wide then in half again till it is 11" wide.
    Then wrap it around my ruler to fold it, then I slip the ruler out and have neatly folded fabric. I have 3 drawer carts on wheels that I keep all my fabric in.... love how neat it is.

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    Senior Member barking-rabbit's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kappy
    Quote Originally Posted by lavandula girl
    You just don't want the fabric stored up against the cardboard for a long time.
    Define "long time", she said as she looked through her stack of double knits ;-) LOL
    Too funny, I did get rid of my knits a long time ago.
    Any poly cottons I found, I am using to make gift bags, no paper wrapping here.

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    All my quilting fabrics are ruler folded and stored in metal drawers, so I can't help you with the cardboard question.

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    Jan 2011
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    I'm one of the sad people that has to have everything organised...fold everything using the ruler method and have mini bolts made out of picture mount card....not sure if it will damage the fabric but would hope most would be used by then
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Super Member leiladylei54's Avatar
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    Oh if I could only stack my stash to be able to see it all....but the shelves would fall down. :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by gramqlts
    I have found that if I wash more than one piece at a time in washer, they ravel and get twisted and tangled up with each other. Any one else have that problem. Any hints as to what I did wrong.
    I overcast or serge all the raw edges on pieces of fabric before washing them. Completely eliminates the problem.

    Also, saves material because maybe 1/8 inch is "used" on each edge instead of losing up to ? due to raveling.

    (As far as raveling goes when fabrics washed - some fabrics have a very "crisp" edge and don't ravel at all - others have raveled up to an inch or so)

    There probably will be someone that will say - "if you don't wash your fabrics before cutting them, you don't have a problem with raveling and frayed edges" -

    There are also people that can go for years without using seatbelts and never have a problem - - -

    I did have everything wonderfully folded and stacked "just so" - once upon a time.

    I've now resorted to "approximately the same folds" and left more room on the shelves now to accommodate irregular stacks.

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    I store my fabric in plastic bins and have found a
    folding method that works great for me.

    For larger amounts (3+ yards) I go to any store
    that sells fabric and ask if I can have all their empty
    cardboard bolts (that fabric come on) I got all these
    (see picture) yesterday from Joann's and 4 from
    Hobby Lobby today.
    YES I do have a large stash of fabric so I need lots
    of these bolts, I currently have about 75+ bolts now
    give or take (I will know more once I have ALL my
    fabric completely sorted and refolded.

    I fold FQ's completely different than larger amounts.

    empty cardboard bolts
    Name:  Attachment-249048.jpe
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    stored fabric on bolts
    Name:  Attachment-249049.jpe
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    more stored fabrics on bolts
    Name:  Attachment-249050.jpe
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