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Thread: Frustrated with chain qs in my area

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    community benefactor Knot Sew's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Thats a good hint. I bought a bunch of t-shirs last year and stored them with tickets intact. some won't peel off. this will help :D

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    Power Poster sandpat's Avatar
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    I know ya'll gripe, but I just wish I had a store somewhere close...any store. I'll take a "J@*%$"...

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    Junior Member Ethel A's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I'm sorry you've had poor experience with their fq's. I recently bought six coordinating fabrics from there, and am very pleased with them. I'm making two beautiful blue, brown and cream quilts for Christmas gifts. The fabric tends to be on the 'thin' side compared with lqs quality fabrics, but with a little Best Press, I'm able to get them to 'thicken up' a bit more before I cut and sew.

    I'm not ruling this store out, completely. I think that you can still find some decent fabric, there. The novelty fabrics by Heidi Grace are rather nice. I don't care much for the Debbie Mumm fabrics, but like I said, there are still some fabrics (not the fat quarters) that I would make stuff with.

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    Community Manager PatriceJ's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
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    as to fat quarters, i'm afraid i'm usually not thrilled by what i find when i open them up no matter where i bought them. if they start out precisely sized at 18" by half the width, they don't often end up that way after washing and/or trimming to make them straight. since the price of 4 fats of a fab is almost always far more than the price of one yard off the bolt, i've stopped buying them unless they're waaaaaay on sale and i know i won't need a full quarter yard of the print in question.

    there is both good news and bad news, though, when it comes to the chain fabric sources.

    the good news is that they still exist as an alternative to buying online and keeping your fingers crossed that the color and quality you think you ordered is the color you actually get. also, if they're within a convenient distance of wherever you live you can save quite a bit on shipping. the chains also put their fabs on sale a lot more often than most dedicated quilt shops seem to.

    the bad news is that it's getting harder to find decent fabs at reasonable prices in the chain stores. a rather shocking percentage of the standard selection is $8.99 per yard and UP. unfortunately, these prices are charged for fabrics that compare in quality to those found at walmart for between $2.50 and $5 per yard (which has recently turned out to be about twice what they're worth in most cases. not always ... and i'm always sad to hear another walmart has wiped out their fabs ... but the quality and selection in mine has really gone downhill in the past year. :? ) when bought on sale for 40-60% off, i figure i've gotten a decent value for my $$$. otherwise ... i pass them by.

    in my own situation, that bad news translates to good news because there are also two sources for me of shop-quality fabs within a one hour drive. in one shop - a fabric store - the name brands go for no more than $7 per yard. (i can't believe i've come to see that as a reasonable price! what a sign of the times! :lol: ) the majority there are for under $6 per yard and she has a generously stacked $1.98 table.

    when i cruised the "official" LQS recently, i noticed that none of her fabs were more than $9 per yard. (ok. still too rich for my blood unless i'm desperate for something specific, but at least it's for fabs much nicer than i ever find in the chain stores.) she also has a generous supply of 1-yard cuts and closeouts at deep discounts. all of this means i'm able to buy shop fabs for chain prices. who'da thunk it?

    given the great sales we can find all over the internet, i don't usually need to shop in person. i can find plenty to splurge on when the urge hits. the local sources are just icing on the cake. (ok. somebody tell me ... is that good news or bad? i guess it depends on whether or not i already have groceries in the house before i go shopping! :lol: )

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    Super Member Joan's Avatar
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    Pine Grove, California
    Take the labels off using your hair dryer--the hot air loosens the labels

    Sorry, you have had such bad experiences with "that" store

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    Super Member Rose Marie's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Clay Springs AZ
    I have not had a problem with the labels, could be the dry climate here in Phx.
    I now buy most of my fabric online. Love Quilt in a Day fabric frensy, it is top quality and some at 3 bucks a yrd. Cant beat that. I buy my backing fabric from that selection. She has so much fabric on sale that you always find plenty to buy.
    Also like fabric depot and sometimes Hancock of Paducah.
    Hobby Lobby here in Phx has a small fabric department with good prices but it is a drive so dont go very often.
    Joanns is still my old standby when trying to match a fabric I already have. It is imposible to find matches online. Last resort is local fabric shops, way out of my price range.

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    Power Poster Lacelady's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
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    I would take any of those prices, any day - you quilters in the USA sooo don't know what prices are like elsewhere. My nearest quilt shop is 1.5 hours away, and her prices vary from 9 to (when I last looked) 16. I just looked up conversion rates, and that equates to $12 to $22 approximately. That is why we are delighted when we find a USA supplier who is willing to ship overseas. It may also account for us making fewer quilts than most of you seem to manage.

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    May 2008
    I've had problems with the size of some FQs that I've purchased. I expected them to be at least 18 inches long. Some of them were less than that.

    The one pack of FQs I bought at JoAnn's several yeaars ago were MAYBE 18 inches long if I stretched them, and then only on one edge. I think the story/explanation they gave me that the fabric was cut while stretched - or something that made zero sense to me.

    I had also purchase batiks (at $9.80) a yard at one of the LQS and the clerk was smoothing and smoothing the fabric before cutting it. At least four of the eight pieces I purchased were short - maybe only 1/8 to 1/4 inch, but still. I did complain to the manager and got a gift certificate. I won't complain even if it's cut to the thread (I may not return - ever - but I won't complain), but don't short me.

    The shop Quilts on Plum Lane in Dade City, Florida cuts their fat quarters generously.

    But do I complain if they give me an extra inch or two? Of course not :-)

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    Actually that hand sanitizer takes out the sticky off the stickers on everything else...haven't tried it on fabric...but, you might want to give it a whirl:)Skeatr

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    Junior Member Lainee's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Ellijay, Georgia
    For my fist quilt top (still hand quilting) I bought 11 different 1/4 yds and had to take half of them back there because they were short. Fortunately, my friend that was teaching me has a fabulous stash and we could keep going on the project.

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