Three ideas come to mind, First if you want to keep them intact soak with purex baby detergent, I have put this stuff on stains that nothing else has brought out and let soak 2 or 3 days and it removed the stains.Second if you can not get the stains out,make a fan quilt top( this is a old pattern) and piece the fan part then cut a section of the lace and overlay (slightly smaller) it on the fans. This may take a little extra time but it makes a beautiful keepsake.very ventage looking. Last you can cut larger sections,blow up big balloons tie ends and put the product that dries hard (Sorry i can't think of the name of it right off it is white like glue but dries clear), soak the lace in it and lay on the ballons covering them but leave a opening in the top to run a light cord in,let dry, pop the ballons and this can be used as a hanging light fixture. Using smaller balloons will allow you to use the bigger outdoor lights people use on their patio in the summer.A string of lace cover patio lights are beautiful.