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Thread: Have you had this problem?

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    I agree with Sananddaddy and MarLeClair -

    One of my Brother machines threads exactly as yours does. As long as you lay the bobbin with the thread coming off correctly, and pull it through the end with the built-in cutter, it should work fine. I don't pull both threads up before sewing.

    When I have had problems with the bobbin thread, it's because there's another piece of thread or lint or something in the bobbin area.

    One thing I want to add - if you're having issues with the thread on TOP of your fabric, the problem is with the bobbin thread. If you're having issues with the thread on the BOTTOM of your fabric, the problem is with your needle thread. If you're getting loops on the bottom, you need to check that your TOP thread is threaded correctly and is not catching on anything.

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    My Daughter has a Brother machine she bought 6+ years ago from Wal Mart and she loves everything about it, except the small throat. She has a Brother 1500 with the 9" throat and really loves it because a queen sized quilt is much easier to quilt on. The first Brother cost about $170.00. She has gotten her moneys worth.
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    I love my brother from walmart, take it to class every week, the SQ-9050. Not to mention in my class my machine sewed more beautiful buttonholes than some of the expensive machines. Inexpensive brothers are just fine for quilting needs. As for the refurbished ones, you really have to make sure they work right when you get them. The first one I got of my xl-3500i was a lemon and wouldn't sew a thing, the company sent me a new one quick and six years later I still have it and it still sews beautifully and yes its another cheapie plastic brother. I packed it away for my daughter last fall. She loves sewing already and shes almost 3. I do have my expensive babylock thats made by brother but my little one can do most of the things my big one can and just as nice, the big one is just more heavy duty which will be good if I ever do sew for long hours more often. But as I always say for occassional quilters that do this as a hobby say weekends because they work and sewing is not their career to make money off of than the cheap machines are perfect for them.You only need an expensive one if you are sewing long hours every day causing more wear and tear on your machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingle View Post
    My Daughter has a Brother machine she bought 6+ years ago from Wal Mart and she loves everything about it, except the small throat. She has a Brother 1500 with the 9" throat and really loves it because a queen sized quilt is much easier to quilt on. The first Brother cost about $170.00. She has gotten her moneys worth.
    The same here except my little machine is closer to 10 years old. I have no complaints other than the small throat and also have a Brother 1500. My little machine will sew anything --- even reflective tape on miner's bibs.

    It sounds like there is just a problem with yours. Don't write off all the inexpensive Brothers because of one lemon.

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    Lee. I have 2 Project Runway Brothers. I thought I had killed my oldest brother so ran out and got another one...tried the old one a week later and it was working fine. The old one was showing wear (since I dropped it a few times and had to tape the cord on to keep it on). So I am glad I got the second one...if nothing else for cosmetic reasons when I take it to classes and quilt guild. I had the exact problem with the bobbin thread on the newest machine as you are describing. I read the manual to no avail and checked for foreign threads etc. I found if I didn't over load the bobbin and I ran the thread around the plate on the bottom (circular plate to cut the thread) when I pulled my thread up with the top thread it stayed in place over the bobbin and sews beautifully. These are my work horse machines. I have other machines but, really prefer the PR Brothers. Hope this helps
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    Also...listen for the little click it will make as you're pulling the thread through..it's very quiet..but you can hear it if you listen. What the other poster said about having lint under there can really mess them up, too is right on target.

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    Does yours have the funny little black brush in the bobbin area? I have to clean it every now and then with a pin, it fills up with lint. That can cause the thread to mess up. I also hold the thread when first starting a seam.

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    About 8 years ago, I purchased a Singer from Wal-Mart and it's been the best machine ever! My DH decided to purchase an older model machine in the cabinet, due to the price at a local auction. This machine doesn't like me at all...the bobbin is inserted from the bottom of the machine, and the tension will not stay where it's placed. I'm now using this one as a table. lol...but the cheaper Wal-Mart machine is still kicking out some awesome projects! There wasn't a book in the Wal-Mart box and I went back to ask for one which should have been included in the box. I was told to go out on a website and order a booklet. hah! I just couldn't part with such a great running machine!

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    Senior Member dorrell ann's Avatar
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    I have an expensive machine on my quilting frame -for my everyday sewing I also use Brothers from Walmart-have had no trouble out of any-when they lock up I just buy another.

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    I bought my Brother's sewing machine from Hancock Fabric store for less than $100. I have been using it for over two years now and have sewn almost 20 quilts in the last 9 months. I use it every day and only have a couple of minor problems. I found that unless I use the automatic buttonholer for making my GD clothes that the zigzag does not work properly. I can sew a zigzag stich but not the fine one required for a buttonhole. The other problem I have is if I accidently bump the tension knob it will gather for hours even after I have moved it back to the orginal position. My bobbin drops into the foot plate and threads aroung the hook located in the front. I currently have a small burr on the metal plate that the top thread hangs on if I use heavier thread. I love my Brother and would buy another for the price I paid for it. If it dies or needs expensive repairs then I will get another similar. I would suggest that you try to stop winding the bobbin just before it is full. I found mine does better if the bobbin is not over full but I often forget and fill mine full. Have you thought about finding a shop that deals in Brother machines or call a tech that works with Brother. You might try to contact Brother Sewing machine Manufacturer at this number and address
    7777 North Brother Blvd.
    Bartlett, Tennessee 38133
    1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437)
    901-379-1210 (fax)
    M-F, 9:00am to 5:45pm Eastern Time

    Good Luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee in Richmond View Post
    Several months ago I bought an inexpensive Brother machine to replace my dying old Pfaff. It took me a while to like the new one at all, but it turned out the upper tension inside the machine is off, so compensating for that helped. The only problem I cannot seem to get over is the bobbin take-up.

    A technician at my LQS showed me what the bobbin area should look like, how the thread end should cross over the inserted bobbin and then come up thru the plate. (Please forgive if these are not the right words.) When I need to insert a new bobbin I often have to take it back out and try over and over again, sometimes a dozen times, before it [the thread end] stays in the right place long enough to sew. And then it sometimes slips "out" in the middle of a seam, at which point it begins that looping nonsense on the underside.

    Long, long story to this point, but the question is: Have you had this problem, and have you found a "cure"?

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