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Thread: How do you find the time???

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthPStitches View Post
    I'm finding the same thing happening to me Stitchnripper. Now that I have potentially all the time in the world, seems like the less sewing I'm doing. Do you notice that everything you do seems to take twice as long also?
    Yes I do! I attribute it to my self diagnosed adult ADD. I can't seem to concentrate on a task - I used to when I had less time. I mean no disrespect to those with "real" ADD. I don't know of another way to describe how it is for me. start something, get distracted by something else, and on and on.

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    Unfortunately women , in general, always think they have to sacrifice things they love for whatever reasons. When I started quilting I made it a point that it is part of our family life just like a DH fishing, kids sports, MILs bingo, my sewing! If I want to take some time to sew my DH knows he is doing the dishes or a few loads of laundry or grocery shopping. When DH is out bike riding or running I'll cut the grass. Give and take by all who live in the house.
    no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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    Quote Originally Posted by ube quilting View Post
    Unfortunately women , in general, always think they have to sacrifice things they love for whatever reasons.
    Bingo! This is how I feel. And the truth is actually quite the opposite - the more I allow myself to nurture ME, the more willing and able I am to cheerfully care for my family. Not one member of my family has ever complained because they were fed pizza, or Chinese take-out, or a crock-pot meal. I think it's imperative to MAKE time for yourself.

    I like to watch tv (especially football) with my husband. But when he turns on those stupid zombie tv shows he likes, that's my cue to disappear into my sewing room!

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    What is this word you all keep saying, ?Housework? WHAT IS THAT???? I'm retired, no one at home but me, and I don't do that word...I have a GGD in college and she needs extra $$ so she does it for me! Plus that, my quilting is FAR more important! But...God bless all of you who do it....I simply don't wanna! Don't lose faith...one day you too, will be able to do this! (Note to all: I certainly did my share before I retired....worked 45-60 hour weeks, tended to a husband and three kids at home...and quilted full time as well. Cleaned house when absolutely necessary and couldn't talk anyone else into it...so I understand your problems now! Done that, been there...)
    If you feel like you're special...it's 'cause you are!

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    When I was working and raising 9 kids, I made sure that I left at least a 30 minute block of time for crafts. This was time I deserved for ME! I went one night a week to a friends house where we met to quilt together. My "girls night out" I worked hard and deserved the ME time. I spent plenty of time doing for others...If you don't do for yourself, you will realize that noone else with do for you either!!

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    I'm retired so you'd think I'd have lots of time to sew. I don't have much free time; but I sew every free minute I have. Sometimes I sew in 5 or 10 minute segments. It is wonderful when I can sew for hours at a time; but that doesn't happen very often. It is amazing how much I can accomplish by sewing for a few minutes at a time throughout the day.

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    I completely understand! I set my self up to do project in block steps. So 15 min aside getting ready for work I might piece together a block or cut out for the next etc. this week came home from work exhausted but cut out for pillow cases. In the am threw it in the embroidery machine (quick red work design) and when I came home quick sewed it (the hotdog style of sewing it it's real fast!). And for the weekend I make sure alls cut out for it prior so I can just sew
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    I like to watch tv (especially football) with my husband. But when he turns on those stupid zombie tv shows he likes, that's my cue to disappear into my sewing room![/QUOTE]

    Zombie shows and the incessant "How did they make it?" or "What Will Happen When the World Ends" shows... aaargh!! I can head up to my sewing room, turn on some music and settle in with the machine. I do know women who have retired and spend all day sewing, lucky ducks. One in particular does as much charity sewing as she does sewing for herself - beautiful dresses for girls whose families can't afford them.
    "Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."
    ---Lady Bird Johnson

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    I guess I am the odd one out. I get my housework done, any errands that have to be tended to, and when I can say "What can I do now?", I head for the machine! If I don't have anything in the back that I know needs to be done, I am free and clear to do my sewing. Sometimes it is an hour, sometimes it is two hours, sometimes it is 15 minutes. But, my house is taken care of first. Then I put on an audiobook, pour me a glass of the fruit of the vine and settle in for an hour or so of "me" time. It also gives me the impetus to get my act together when I get up, get everything done and then I have more time for "me" time. Not every day, not by a long shot, but I get some time in every day. Have a great day and dust before you sit!!!!!!!! Edie
    Home is where the rags of your life are turned into quilts, lemons become lemonade and a few extra pounds are simply welcomed as "more of you to love."
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    When I worked I was always tired when I got home, but I always tried to sew a little every time I sat down to watch tv, which was about the only time I got to sit down. I did sign up for classes and that got me out of the house and the time I was in the class was my time. If you work, have children, are a wife, or what ever you DESERVE time for yourself. If you can't afford to take a class, get some of your sewing buddies and form a stitch n bitch club, meet at each others houses one night a week. Believe me you will be a lot better Mom, Wife, etc, if you just take some time for yourself.. Your children and husband need to realize you are more that their humble servant... Just mho

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