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Thread: How many chances do you give a LA before saying no more?

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    How many chances do you give a LA before saying no more?

    This is the third quilt I did not get what I asked for from the LA. The first one I asked for cotton batting, I got poly but the quilting was okay. The second one I asked for cotton batting, and green quilting thread to be used in top and bobbin. I got poly batting and white thread front and back, again the quilting was fine. The third time I sent the batting I wanted and spool of Aurifil thread 40wt of the color she could use or match the color. I got poly batting and cream color thread, quilting was fine. I asked her why she used the poly batting when I wanted cotton. She said poly was thinner and easier to work with and her classes said the customer always ask for things the LA can change. And she didn't like changing thread, it messed up the tension. Ugh!!@!!!! Now to find another LA in the area which is more like find out who bought a LA recently and put up business sign. Even the quilt shop that does LA, the quilting isn't that good, skipped stitches and too many knots on the back for what it cost. Frustrating!
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    I'd go to someone who did what I asked for or I'd learn to do it myself
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    I just took my classes on a LA and they said nothing of the sort. You give the customer who is paying you, what they ask for. I do not own a LA but I can rent the one at the shop. I am not up for hiring out, but if I was, I would not use that excuse that "waaaa, it's too hard" I am really sorry that you have had this experience. I can tell you that quilting well is one thing that I'm sure is hard to find, but you may find you have to mail your items out of area to an established and well vetted long armer. it will be worth it. Remember you are the customer and you are paying for what you are paying for and expecting. I think whoever you have been working with has already had their chances.
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    She should have told you up front that she wouldn't use cotton batting or change thread colors. You are a paying customer. It would be different if she's doing it for free for you as a friend.

    But sometimes close enough is better then doing it yourself.

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    I can't believe you would end up with what you did not ask for. That doesn't sound like very good business sense to me. I hope you find someone who listens better. You might try looking at members of this board. There is probably even a list of them somewhere...I think I remember someone saying that. It would involve mailing your quilt, I think, but it might be a better answer for you.

    Good luck on your next quilt, whatever you end up deciding.


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    I've never used a LA'er but for me once would be enough. I expect to get what I paid for, any changes should be discussed first.

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    Well you are more generous than I am I guess. I would not have gone back the third time. I might have gone back a second time, thinking I didn't explain myself well enough. But not ever again. There are some ladies on the board that do amazing quilting and will do what you request.
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    I would have not gone back after the first time, three times? Run away now and don't go back!

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    It seems like all of these things should have been discussed with you before the actual quilting was done. Especially if you have specific request that she doesn't want to do. I can't understand why she would not talk to you about these things but just go ahead without your permission. LAQ is expensive and you should get what you ask for or know the reason why it is not feasible before hand. Frustrating but definitely time for a new LA quilter.
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    After one time I would have very firmly told her that these (batting/thread etc) were requirements, not suggestions.

    Taking it to her the third time- well, that's on you. I don't really go with the Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me- because I think people deserve a second chance. However, a third chance (which she failed again) tells me this person is not serious about running a business!

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