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Thread: How many quilted - PRC - Pre rotary cutter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrider
    I quilted for many years pre-rotary cutter. And even now, most of what I cut for art quilts and all of what I cut for cards is done with scissors. I find it relaxing actually, and more personal.
    So do I enjoy cutting my pieces w/scissors. I have a alto II that changed my way of cutting a lot of strips & squares. But still get my pen & scissors out on most of my quilts.

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    Pre-rotary cutter Was before my time. You mean you used scissors and templates. Yuck!

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    I've done it but was happy when the cutter came along :)

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    My first quilt was a grandma's fan. It was hand pieced and hand quilted. Unfortunately the quilting is still not finished. Anyone out there willing to finish it up for me? I made it in the late 1980's so it has been waiting a long time.

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    When my daughter was born in 1983 I had made her a cheery little quilt - rail fence with 1" strips, all red, yellow, blue calicoes.
    Never heard of a rotary cutter. Made second quilt in 2011, still hadn't heard of it. Now I can't live without it.

    I also pre-date the ball-point pen, pantyhose, TV...

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    The first quilt I made was a Double Irish Chain. I cut it out with a template and scissors. It's smaller than a full size but bigger than twin.

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    Oh, Dear, I think I'm dating myself. Templates? Were they anything besides something you cut out of paper yourself if you wanted a special design? That's how my Great Grandmother and Mother taught me how to do it. We had some old (very old) pattern books, but there were no quilting magazines. Maybe there was more available in the "big cities", but I was a country girl. I did have a "One Stitch" Singer electric, sometimes used my Great Grandmother's Singer treadle. Mostly pieced by hand. Used old ---- I guess you would call them "fabric templates"--- that had been passed down through the generations, for the block designs so we'd be able to get the sizes right. What the "fabric templates" represented had been written on them in ink. I'd pin the fabric piece or the cut out paper to the fabric, draw around the "template", remove the template, and cut the piece out with scissors. The quilts were made from old clothes, old bedsheets, feed sacks, things like that. I made a couple of "scrappy quilts" without knowing that's what they were. Just kept sewing scraps together until I had a top. We never used batting, unless we had a worn out quilt that was no good for anything else. We didn't have batting like we have today anyway. Using the alternatives, like flannel, was too expensive, and we wouldn't dream of using perfectly good cloth between "tops". Yes, that's right. The backings were made from the same stuff the tops were made from, but with less concern for pattern, unless you wanted a two-sided quilt. And they were either "tied", which was fairly quick, or hand quilted, which was really boring as far as I was concerned. I do remember my Mother putting an old, worn, wool blanket between two tops, and was that quilt warm! And hard to hand quilt. She was very fussy about it, and I pulled out a lot of stitching to suit her. I also remember her cutting up my Father's Navy uniforms to make coats for us. Funny the thoughts. . . I was in my 20's before I ever bought fabric for a quilt. Unheard of! Bought fabric was for clothing you wore! I guess you can see why I wasn't so excited about making quilts when I was young. They were necessary, so I did it. I preferred making clothing, like formal wear, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses, and even a few Wedding Dresses, that I could sell for real money. And I was a good seamstress (me and my One Stitch Singer and hand made button holes).

    Now here it is, decades later, and I'm back to making quilts, but this time I'm loving it! I have a good sewing machine, and am about to get a terrific one. I have a rotary cutter, although sometimes I long for my scissors. I'm still working on being a good rotary cutter. I have a ton of rulers and gadgets you wouldn't believe! All deemed necessary! And the incoming flow of information on quilting is quite overwhelming! I was teased when I went to Good Will for "practice fabrics" and came home with a haul for $20. Who would spend good money on fabric I'm going to throw away when I'm done? My husband was hysterical. I don't understand. But you should see my stash of "bought fabrics"! It makes me blush. I just adore this new way of quilting. I can be so creative! It's so much more fun than sewing clothes!

    And that's the whole story!

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    I quilted for a long time before rotary cutters came along. I made the same kind of quilts then that I do now, traditional blocks and hand-applique. Rotary cutters definitely have made the process faster!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueSew
    I also pre-date the ball-point pen, pantyhose, TV...
    Oh, let's not go there...microwave, cell phone, computer (and I'm talking UNIVAC)...! :shock: :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori S
    Back in the day before the rotary cutter , I figure lots of quilts got started but never got past the boring cutting with templates , a pencil, and sissors.
    My first quilt seemed to take forever just to cut out.
    How many here quilted before the rotary cutter? What quilts did you make using the old templates and sissors ?
    I made one, a simple Trip Around the World in that old reliable combo of cranberry red and navy blue. My father is still using that quilt on his bed, over thirty years later.

    Then I took a quilting hiatus. Not because I got tired of using a template and scissors but because life just got in the way.

    I've been making most of my own clothes since then and use a rotary cutter. But now that I've started quilting again, I'm back to the templates and scissors again!

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