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Thread: HQ sweet sixteen

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    HQ sweet sixteen

    would any body know any thing about a sweet sixteen quilting machine.Iwas searching theweb for the price and size of an
    innova longarm quilt machine,and other Quilting machines prices enz
    any way ,a demo was shown on a sweet sixteen sewing and quilting machine , as I dont have the space for a
    long arm I was just wondering if any of you talented quilters could give me some info on this machine.
    sorry I cant find the site back where i saw it,
    I have been piecing quilts for a few years but I cant quilt ,only a little SD. I would like your info If it would be worth investing in it. thank you all have a blessed weekend sarah

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    My grandma, grammyj just bought one, it hasn't been delivered yet and she hasn't had the lesson on it but maybe you guys can share info. She asked on here a while back about it she said and no responded.

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    There are several machines that are the same. Tin Lizzie has a sit down machine and the George machine is used by a famous award winning quilter.

    What I noticed is that with a sit down machine, your hands are in charge of the design and moving the fabric around. The long arm gives you a big space so your quilt is not as bunched up. It is wonderful for "art" work and David Taylor has some wonderful award winning designs quilted entirely with the HQ Sweet Sixteen.

    They cannot be used with a stylus or laser on pantographs as can a stand up long arm. So it all depends on what type of quilting you are going to do.

    Note that there are award winning quilters who all use a domestic sewing machine.

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    if you do a search on this board there are several posts regarding the hq sweet sixteen sit down quilting machine. plus there are discussions of the bailey's, tin lizzie and there is another one but i forgot the name. there are several sites that have information about the hq sweet sixteen if you do a search.

    i believe the msrp is around $5,000.00 for hq SW16. i have watched the youtube video demos of this quilting machine as i was also interested in getting a sit down quilt machine. i have also looked at the tin lizzie 18 at my lqs. i dont think i would never be interested to pay the price ($10,000 & up) for a long arm nor dedicate the space needed for one. i would be more willing to develop a close relationship with a longarmer to do my quilts before thinking of making that kind of investment.

    i am not sure what links you have viewed for the hq SW16 but here are a few of them. do your search on the board also and see if some of your questions can get answered. i know there are a couple of folks on the board that have bought the sit down quilting machines that can answer ???'s for you. good luck with your searching.

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    If you're looking at a sit down machine, HQ has a nice table for theirs and extension tables you can add to the sides for more quilt support.

    Baileys can be used on a table but you would have to have someone custom make a desk or table into a sewing table that will support your Bailey machine. They don't have a table available to buy.

    Remember with Sit down quilting you move the quilt around under the needle just as you would on a home sewing machine. With a mid or long arm on a frame you move the machine around over the stretched out quilt layers. Each takes time to learn the skills to do them well. Good luck in your search.
    Janome D1822/Janome 4618LE/1946 Singer 15-91 in original cabinet
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    I have fallen in love with the HQ Sweet Sixteen! It's on my 'list', problem is no money right now. I've taken it and a few longarm frame setups for test drives and for me the HQ SS is the way I'm going to go.


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    Hi sarah! Last weekend I attended a quilt event put on by a local quilt guild. It had a bunch of vendors who all taught some type of class. Was an all day event, lots fun with prizes at the end. One of the vendors from Rockford Il. brought their HQ SS, it was a thrill to sew on! I met an attendee who owns one that I asked to sit down and demo for other quilters, she loves her SS and highly recommended it. Like most peeps I don't have room for a huge quilt frame but do have the the SS. Their price was $4395.00. I hope to buy one some day!

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    If I remember correctly the May webinar at Handiquilter is going to be on the Sweet Sixteen. You would be able to get lots of information. If you go to their website and sign up on their email list, you will receive information before the webinar.

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    I recently bought one and love it. I've been free motion quilting on my Janome 6600P for several years and just got tired of wrestling those larger quilts under a smaller space. I would recommend you take some time practicing fmq and decide if this is something you like before making your purchase, and definitely test driving one. There are great deals out there, especially if you find a gently used or floor model. It is a wonderful machine, especially if you don't have the space or budget for a long arm.

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    Jun 2011
    Hi I am picking up a used HQ Sixteen sitdown-not newest version of sweet sixteen- the end of this week-have been making payments for the last few months. Went to MQX east last week and there are rulers out there to use with this machine also,thread painting,multiple threads through one needle. Can't wait. HQ website has a forum and lists used machines for sale- there is a recent posting- also some shops have the floor models at a discount-There is a store in Pelham NH for 3995. Also Join Yahoo group Hq sitdown machines -good info on that site and maybe one for sale now and then.Good luck

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