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Thread: I live with a smoker and cats...

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    Super Member Stitchnripper's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Mableton, GA
    I would just like to say, that I am a non smoker, and currently don't have pets. But, there are smokers and pet owners who do shop and maybe they can be part of the group that would buy your things. My mother smoked her entire life (cut short by the smoking but that's another topic) and she stunk, coughed, and we stunk until we moved out. She mostly smoked in the living room or kitchen, but it got all over the place. This was back in the day before such good air filters, fresheners, etc. Now I am very sensitive to the smell of smoke and avoid it completely. Me personally, I wouldn't buy from a smoker, and take the chance the smell wouldn't wash out.

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    Oct 2009
    North Fork Ca
    I know the odor lingers, but if you launder things after they are finished, bag them like you suggestred, and put a dryer sheet in the bag they will be nice and fresh. Is there no way at all you can get him to smoke outdoors?

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    Remember back in the good old days it was normal way of life to smoke. I remember my mom and dad smoked up until I was in high school and then they quit when my grandfather hacked up his lung (coughing up blood) and hemorrhaged at the dinner table. He was way past the advanced stages of cancer. Thank goodness they are making laws to keep folks from smoking in public places and now their cars if kids are in there with them.

    So here was the mentality back in my parents day.......





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    May 2009
    My husband used to smoke, I kept my fabrics on the floor where he never was smoking. I never allowed fabrics to sit on the first floor of the house, would take the bags to my sewing area immedeatly and kept that area closed off. I have never had a complaint about smell in anything.
    Now the cat is another story..... :-D

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    I'm sensitive to smoke and fragrance. Everything I buy is unscented even my detergent and softener. Have you considered one of the hi-tek air filters? They are effective. Can you sew, quilt and store your materials in one room? If so a room air filter might be the solution, plus washing in unscented detergent. Just a thought. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flo Pierce
    I married and have lived with a smoker for 53 years and have sewed for others most of that time. I had a slipcover business at one time. I still sew for ladies and gents in a upper-crust living complex. I GET NO COMPLAINS. I do have a sewing
    room up stairs .
    My DH uses freebrez for his computer room. I just got a room
    deodorizer meant for pet smells. It is by Purina and is just a
    little glass jar with the stuff in it. It seems to really illemate the
    odars from my cats, the smoking and then we deal with a wood
    fire in the winter. Oh yes and my cooking. I am a retired cook
    and have trained as a dietition.
    Get a life !! Our world is full of all kinds of oders we don't like.
    I for one will not allow a little odar I don't like to dictate my daily life.

    Have a good one. It is your choice.
    Amen :thumbup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphy
    Smoke does linger and sensitive noses would be aware of it. Allergy suffers would be able to tell as well. Perhaps the smoker can smoke outside? Hope you work this out (smile).
    I tried convincing my late DH to smoke outside, but he would stand in the doorway with the door open to smoke. The smell of course, made it inside.
    So, if you want to make things for others, mention that you live with a smoker and cats. There are smokers out there that wouldn't be bothered by the lingering smell, and aren't allergic to cats.

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    Senior Member dogpursemaker's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Wonderfully Wet PNW
    I must totally agree that full disclosure is your answer. I am one that is extremely allergic to smoke; thankfully not pets! :-) I have on very rare occasions purchased fabric from up-front smokers-I have to have someone else open the package and toss it in the washer though. I recently opened a package that was from a smoking home, and I immediately had to grab my inhaler. I've been happier.
    As a seller, I always disclose that I have a pet friendly home. I could no more ban my dog from my craft shed than cut my arm off. She does not have access to my fabric or finished items. Thankfully, 99.9% of my customers are pet owners, so I don't think it's been a hindrance to me.
    Give it a try! Just be honest as to what possible allergens are in your house. Have fun, and best wishes! :thumbup:

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    Super Member donnalynett's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    I am a smoker and I always respect the rights of non-smokers even though I know they can smell me coming. There is no smoking allowed in our house. I am fortunate enough to have a "former" bedroom dedicated for fabric. The cat is not allowed in there, however he is always at my side while I am sewing. I can hardly breathe due to my bad habit, other people's perfume, scented candles, etc..... My husband is also a smoker. We smoke in our garage which is located on the other end of the property. Since I only do charity quilts I buy almost all my fabric at garage/yard/estate sales and the putrid musty stinch from being improperly stored for years sometimes will not wash out no matter what I use. I haven't had any problem with getting cigarette smoke out of fabric but wood smoke doesn't seem to wash out. I have had cats for 62 years and I have never noticed a smell from any of them??? Just be honest about the cat and tobacco and I bet you will sell your items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo
    It must be horrible to have to be on constant guard to avoid smells that cause bad headaches. Is it from a low immune system? What does the Dr. say? My eyes water when around new bolts of fabrics or a strong perfume smell in a close area but never a headache.
    Something in that fabric that your allergic to! My eyes water and my nose swells if I get near something I'm allergic to.

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