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Thread: I think I need a serger

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    I think I need a serger

    Am getting into making quilted items that require finished seams. Don't know ANYTHING about sergers but I think I need one. Currently I am finishing the seams with a zigzag and then trimming them but I understand that this is what a serger does. Need a little help here......Thanks so much for your input.

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    a serger uses 3/4 or even 5 threads to cut, and stitch the edge of the fabric covering both the front and back. Exactly like a seam from a ready to wear garment looks like.

    I've had 1 since 1996 and I can't live without it now.
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    You can piece by serger, there are some books out on doing so. Seams are bulkier, though. If the seams are in something like clothes, then a serger is great. I use a standard sweatshirt pattern, make a quilt top big enough for front and back, line it with flannel and finish with lightweight muslin. The inside seams get serged and so does the ribbing on the neck and sleeves. Looks much better.

    Serged overedge can be snagged or cut by careless user. Usually just serge over fixes.

    All kinds of sergers around. I'd go look at every dealer you have available, and check on how the serger threads. Some older ones can be a real pain. The self threaders (All Babylock) are very nice, but more expensive. Since I also make a lot of clothes, getting one was worth it.

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    Yes a serger not only finishes the edges of items but it cuts off the
    the "scrap".

    They are super fast much faster then a regular sewing machine.

    I have two sergers.

    They have come a LONG way since I got my first machine 11 yrs ago.
    Not to mention the prices have come way down since then also.

    I bought my second serger at Joann's it was an "open box" display
    machine that I got for about $130 (after the discounts and such). It
    is a Singer model and is MUCH easier to thread then my older serger
    which is a Simplicity. Also try to get a serger that is easy to change
    from a 4(or more) thread to a 3(or 2) thread.

    If possible look for one that is easy to thread, has a good clear "diagram"
    for threading (second serger has one, but the first did not).

    About the only thing I really use my sergers for anymore is for the 3
    thread rolled hem. I just love the look of the rolled hem the most.

    But if you can "test drive different machines and research the.

    Good luck and have fun when you get one.

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    I have had a serger for 30+ years and love it. My first one still works but I can no longer thread it, I do not see well enough and my fingers do not work well enough to thread it. They are a lot of fun to use, but as someone else said I would go and try them out and see what you need. There is no sense paying for features you do not need. Good luck and have fun.
    -Life is like a quilt...bits & pieces, joy -and- sorrow, stitched with love- http://spudgrandma.wordpress.com/

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    Nothing beats a serger for a tidy edge, especially for really ravely fabrics. I don't use mine often but when I do .. nothing compares !

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    I also love my serger which I have had for 25+ years. I haven't used it making quilts but I have used of for clothing and all kinds of crafts. It makes such a nice finished seam and edge.

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    I bought mine because I thought I'd figure out how to quilt with it. Turns out I want precision too much to use it for that. Every time I do use it for something , I am so happy I have it and would never part with it.
    "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land

    Blessings! Ruth

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    I've had mine forever... now have 2, one is set to coverstitch...couldn't live without them, they are such timesavers!!!!

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    I love my serger, use it in a lot of applications. But due to my advanced years and failing eyesight, I have a Babylock Imagine. Air threading and a needle threader. Perfect for me.

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