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Thread: I want to cry

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    Oh, I do remember the Zelda game. Wow, beautiful art work. Will be spectacular translated into fabric. So, if I am getting this straight in my senior brain you can find the fabrics but not at sale prices? Have you tried e-bay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dixiechunk
    Oh, I do remember the Zelda game. Wow, beautiful art work. Will be spectacular translated into fabric. So, if I am getting this straight in my senior brain you can find the fabrics but not at sale prices? Have you tried e-bay?
    There's a website that has a tool where you put in a color and it will find fabrics that are close to that color. You can narrow it down to brand or fabric line (in this case Moda Marbles). That's how I found a lot of matches for my images. But the website doesn't sell fabrics. So I got the numbers of the fabrics and typed them into Hancocks of Paducah and they don't come up in the search. In fact, they don't come up on any search on any website or Google or Ebay. Actually, I have not seen anything close to the numbers I got (example: Moda marble 4496...supposed to be a hot pink). So I'm kind of wondering if the website also included fabrics that were discontinued and are not in production anymore.

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    I don't have anything helpful I can add, as I don't have any useful ideas, but let me just say WOW tha's going to be freaking amazing when complete. (and also you've reminded me I need to get back into finishing that game, but that's something else entirely).

    I do hope you can get it figured out, it's a shame you're having so much trouble :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying_V_Goddess
    For those following my massive Zelda quilting project, I am very close to color matching all ther various colors in one of my wallhangings...10 out of 14.

    A lot of the help of color matching was achieved with http://moda.fabricmatcher.com/. I had made color keys of each of the windows and then ran it through the fabric matcher website, selected Moda marbles as the fabric line, and out of the results that were given to me I looked through them to see which fabric was the closest match to the color. When I found one that looked close to what I was looking for I'd pull up the image of the stained glass window on Photoshop, delete the sections of that color from the left side of the window, put the image of the fabric on a layer underneath the window image (it would peek through the sections I cut out), and see if it matched the color on the right side of the window. If I got a match I wrote down the 4 digit fabric product ID.

    In other words, this took me a long time to do. At least a full hour total on the one I almost completely matched. Probably more like two.

    So I just went onto Hancock's of Paducah to see the availability of some of these fabrics. Out of the ten I had found for this image I could not find a single one. HOP has the biggest selection of Moda Marbles that I know of (12 pages, 80 results a page) so I'm shocked. I typed in the number. I typed in the number with "moda marble" or "marble". Nothing. I went back to the fabric matcher website and looked at the fabrics again to see if maybe they listed the color's specific name...it didn't get more specific than "red" or "yellow". Nothing like "burgundy" or "sunshine". The website with the fabric matcher doesn't actually sell the fabric or can tell me where I might be able to buy the fabric. Just to be sure the website wasn't giving me the wrong numbers I went to their line of Moda Marbles, pulled the number on the first fabric that popped up, and typed it into the search box on Hancocks........."Christmas red" comes up on Hancocks and both images match.

    I want to cry. The hardest part of this project is trying to match the 10+ colors found in the eight stained glass quilted wall hangings I'm attempting to make. And it was EXHAUSTING to find the ones I did find mostly because the windows are centered around one color and have so many different shades of that color its ridiculous. The one I was almost done with kind of makes me want to never look at another shade of pink or yellowish brown ever again. When I was looking for colors I'd have to take breaks because my brain would get worn out from looking at a lot of the same color in different shades. So I want to break down because all of this mentally exhausting work I did for my project was for nothing.
    Try checking out WebFabrics internet site....she carries every Moda Marble that is out there (I believe)...you can email soft copy the colors you need to them and they will let you know what they have.......very customer friendly!!

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