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Thread: I want to know my fellowquilters!

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    Jane Sisk's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Tucson, AZ
    What a great idea. I feel like everyone on here is a friend and I love to read all the postings. I live in Tucson, Arizona.

    I am 65 years old and disabled with back injuries, can still walk, thank God. I started sewing as a teenager, making my own clothes, we were so poor, couldnt buy store bought. My granny lived with us and she quilted all the time. I have 3 of her quilts made in the 40's and 50s. I quit sewing when I started working after my husband and I seperated. I have 3 grown sons, 45, 43, 37 and three wonderful grandchildren, 2b, 1gr .

    Last November I had to have a knee replaced, quite a long recovery, My dil decided I should start quilting, for some reason I had always be terrified of trying to quilt. They wouldn't take no for an answer and turned up at my house with beginning supplies. I jumped in with both feet and started in. My first effort was a split rail queen size and today it graces my bed. I was hooked, haven't stopped since. Made 3 king size quilts for each son, queen for granddaughter,twin for grandson, .oueen for 2 dear friends, a couch throw, a twin for my x husband who is in a home for mentally ill. I guess you can say I am hooked, moved to a larger apartment so I would have a second bedroom to quilt in. Most of my time is spent in there, happy as a clam. When I am not quilting I seem to be on the computer looking to see what everyone else is doing. I have posted several pictures if you want to look them up.

    Jane Sisk

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    Super Member
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    Jul 2007
    SE Wisconsin
    I have made too many things to count.

    What you may not know about me...

    I have the world's prettiest granddaughter. She is almost 3, and her name is Alanna. She was a bonus - we got her when my oldest son married her mommy a few months ago. I have only had boys, and we are all in love with this little angel! I love my DIL, too! :D

    I homeschooled my sons, and the youngest graduated in May. Now both of my younger sons are going to the local community college and my DH is enrolled at Liberty University to finish his bachelor's degree online. I may have to get a "real job"!

    Until we moved to town a year ago, we lived on a lovely farm with dairy goats, horses, chickens and assorted cats and dogs. I miss my gardens and privacy, but it's convenient to be in town.

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    Senior Member annmarie's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Rhinelander, WI
    I really like seeing where everyone is from. It would be nice if everyone would add their city & state (and country if not USA!!) under their avatar. It's easy to do:

    Just click on "My Profile" at the top of any page.
    Scroll down to "General Information About Yourself"
    Type in your city & state/country in the box next to "From"
    Scroll way to the bottom & click on "Submit"

    Voila!! Now we can see where you're from. :thumbup:

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    gr8tchr4u's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Vancouver, WA
    A teacher too? Wow, what are the chances of that happening? I thoght I was the only 'younger' teacher on here....

    I've made layettes (for friends' kids, I don't have any)
    Altered wedding gowns
    Made bridesmaids dresses for two - no 3 different weddings
    Made 3 quilts as an adult , working on a 4th (made countless baby doll quilts as a child).
    Lots of dresses, clothes, etc.
    Countless curtains, classroom items, throw pillows, etc.
    Many formal gowns for family & friends
    Countless alterations

    I started sewing when I was 8 and began to 'see' patterns in my head. I badgered my mom about sewing and once I could reach the pedals, she taught me quickly the basics of how to run a machine, then passed me off to a friend of hers - an expert seamstress- who taught me all I know.

    This past year I've opened a business featuring machine embroidery with a Jewish twist. Check out my new website www.anizochertjudaica.com

    I try to sew a bit every week - it calms me like nothing else can!

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    Senior Member
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    Dec 2006
    TN originally now in MS
    After reading these I think I'll pass. My contribution would be short and uninteresting (boring). I will just say just this: single (no dating so always have been and will be) no children, 4' 11" (not saying which way) :l

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    live2teach's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Good Ole' West Virginia
    What may be uninteresting to you may be amazing to someone else. Please don't consider your life uninteresting. What are your hobbies besides sewing and quilting? Where do you live? Do you have any pets? Believe me when I say, everyone on here would love to know their fellow quilters, otherwise there wouldn't be any posts. Life is what you make it! :D

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    Country Quilter's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Well, there's no way I can list everything I've made....my memory isn't that good anymore! I can say ...I've been sewing since I was old enuf to reach the peddle on my mothers machine!

    I started with Barbie clothes (like some of you have mentioned)... I STILL have the first Barbie dress I made tucked in an old scrapbook I just don't have the heart to throw away....my kids get a charge out of looking thru it now and then!

    I am 51 years old....been married 32 years this coming October...have two children....daughter 30 and son 28.....one granddaughter 7 (daughters)...

    I sewed some of my own clothes and pajamas and stuff for my kids... continued with Barbie clothes too for my daughter and have even made some for my granddaughter.

    I was heavy into crocheting for awhile, embroidery, cross stitch, etc.

    My first quilt was quite the challenge....It was for my parents' 40th anniversary and each square was hand embroidered...some from a kit I bought and the rest were hand drawn with each of our names, birthdates and other info on them (they had 10 kids!) and the middle square was with their names/dates on it. My mother in law helped me with the backing and batting and tying procedure ....that was 27 years ago and I got hooked!

    Since then I have made countless bed quilts, lap quilts, tablerunners and wallhangings.

    I am never without pets...animal lover here! At one time had 8 dogs and 5 cats! I was our counties rescue shelter for awhile! LOL Anytime the local cop found a dog wandering he would call me....most of the time I found good homes for them and when that wasn't possible I kept them myself.

    I'm happy to report they now have a humane society here! So I am down to two dogs and one inside cat and two outside cats.

    My husband is semi-retired.....he has a part-time job at an auto parts store but for 30 some years he worked for 3M.

    I haven't worked for over 3 years.....jobs are scarce in little towns! And right now I'm not that interested in going back to work.

    I spend about 75% of my time sewing....

    I like gardening, camping, enjoy our 240 acres of woods...(own 60 of it, the rest is family owned so we have access to it all) we have trails and a Kawasak mule we ride around in the woods....we burn wood so spend some time out with hubby cutting our winters supply each year.. We both enjoy that....

    I am really getting into BOM's and swaps and enjoying it all.... I love it and this message board is great!!

    Hope this isn't TMI :D

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    Senior Member pinecone's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    New England
    Quote Originally Posted by Country Quilter
    Well, there's no way I can list everything I've made....my memory isn't that good anymore!
    I can relate. At a young age I used to raid my mother's cleaning rag bin to make doll "clothes". Primitive as they were. At 9 I was in 4H and started my sewing journey with a machine. About 4 years ago a long time friend suggested I try quilting with her .... I now have oodles of fabric and tops with some f*****ed ones too. :wink: I have made 31 isolette quilts for the NICU. I was a Girl Scout leader for 10 years then we moved. 3 months after selling our house DMIL came to stay the winter with us .... fast forward 7 years :shock: and an Alzheimer's diagnosis, what a learning experience and privilege to be her caregiver. She is now at peace and she loved to see all the pretty fabrics I was working on. She had quilters in her family and I am now caretaker of the quilts. :D I also enjoy cake decorating and tole painting. I am also a Director of my Historical Society where we are having a capital campaign and one of our building has just been nominated for the National Historic Register. Exciting for our small town ~ and a lot of work to get it this far.


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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Out searching for some sunshine :-)
    Blog Entries
    I have made many crocheted items, bed spreads, purses, doll clothes, scarves, etc...
    I raised 3 kids by myself since they were 2,3 and 4.
    They are now 22, 23, and 24
    I have 5 grandchildren ages 1,2,3, and 4 yr old twins
    I have done a lot of craft sewing, but am now just getting ready to start my first large quilt. I found a pattern my son wants, thought I was going to have to wing it but found the pattern in a book off of an older message board here, Thank You!
    I have worked until 2 years ago, mostly production plant work, but almost always had 2nd part time jobs doing all kinds of different things until I got into taxes and accounting. That became my 2nd seasonal part time job.
    I loved to hand embroider, had to give that and crocheting up due to arthritis, so I just got a embroidery machine and am looking forward to being creative with it
    I spend a lot of time with my grandsons, mine is their home away from home
    I love to go to Louisville to visit my son
    I guess I should remember that the little mini fridge sized quilts count as quilting.......
    I am looking into quilting classes and look forward to taking them this winter
    I found out sewing pants for the first time that you can put them together wrong and they still piece together nicely. Could not figure out why they stayed puckered when I turned them right side out, LOL
    I feel very blessed to have come across such a great group of people here!

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    Super Member
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    May 2007
    NE Pa.
    I live in a very small town in Pa. I have been married 51yrs to the same man, God Bless Him. We have four grown married children, ten grandchildren, and two great grands. I am a retired nurse and then a quilt shop owner, retired from that. I have made too many quilts to mention but am hooked on paper piecing after taking a class from Carol Doak. I made wallhangings, babyquilts, placemats, only one king size quilt that was enough. Have sold many of my projects. I have three Janome machines, two are embroidery so I am really addicted with a passion to quilting. We also like to travel and have been to many places mostly on the East Coast. This is probably more information than you want to know. Marge

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