I live about 10 minutes away from the one in Brewer and I am there way too often! I went over yesterday to pick up material for a pillowcase, to match a QOV quilt that I made, and left with a cart full of fabric.

I have never been to the store in Sanford but I do make several trips a year to the ones in Ellsworth and Waterville. Last summer I went to the one in Lewiston and the new one in Scarborough. While a lot of the fabrics are duplicates you can always find a few treasurers at each one that the others don't have.

With the price of fabric, if I didn't have Marden's to shop at I wouldn't be able to make as many charity quilts. They are big supporters of 'Project Linus' and for every quilt you turn in to them you get 3 free fat quarts plus get your name put in for a gift certificate drawing in July.

Like my husband says, ' My quilting and my fabric makes me happy and that's all that matters.' Anyway, it could be worse, I could be down at the local Casino filling up slot machines with my money!