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Thread: If you are not selling your quilts, what do you do with all your quilts that you hav?

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    Oct 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by ArtsyOne View Post
    My understanding (although I haven't tried it myself) is that Etsy listings are free.
    No, they are not free. It costs 20 cents per item to list items for about 3 months. Then you have to renew and pay again. If something sells, you pay a small percentage to Etsy (5%?) plus Paypal gets their cut. Not free, but reasonable.
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    The beautiful Texas hill country.
    Each quilt I've made has been given away... save one (it's on the bed in the spare room).
    Thought of trying to sell one... then thought better of it. Figured I'd get my feelings hurt when no one wanted to pay what's it's worth just in materials... not counting my time. I get more joy from giving them away.

    Hospice, hospitals, nursing homes, Quilts of Valor, VA nursing homes are all wonderful places that need and appreciate your efforts. You could also check with your local Meals on Wheels for a needy family. A while back there was a thread about funeral homes using a quilt over the body bag to soften the blow of seeing a loved one transported. A person could also make quilts to use for "adopt a child/family" at Christmas.

    Whatever you decide to do with your excess quilts, I hope it brings you joy!

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    Mansfield, Ohio
    Being a cancer survivor I have made many quilts for my family. They love them because they now realize I won't always be here. I have a quilt to make for my grandson and everyone will have a quilt that I have made. But for my nieces and nephews I am making table runners with matching place mats, which are quilted. I am also working on Christmas tree skirts. I love my family very much and want to leave something for each one to remember me. All three of my sisters are quilters too. So all the kids and grandchildren understand the sweat and tears that go into each item made. So be generous with your art and think of the warmth and love you are giving the individual who receives the item you took the time to make. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year!
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    please consider the chemotherapy cancer center at your local hospital. I found that mine is desperate for anything washable to warm the patient. the chemo is kept refridgerated and chills the patient severely. Most loose wieght in a hurry during treatment and stay cold a lot anyway. they warm the quilt in dryer and wrap the patient to warm her. or him.
    don't stop!just keep trying and something usable will turn out!!

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    It gives me a great feeling to donate quilts to our Community Quilts. They are given to the Cancer Center, children's homes, families in need, nursing homes; lots more I can't think of right now.
    If you don't have a quilt guild, the Salvation Army can always use quilts in their efforts, even go directly to nursing homes, and offer to give them a quilt or 2.
    Have a wonderful Quilting Day, make it your way!
    Martha Tompkins

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    Central Oregon
    My hubby always says "so who is that quilt for" or "what is that project for". He just doesn't get it, I'm doing projects just to see if I can, or how it will look, or just because I feel like it, the fabric inspired me, etc., etc., etc !! LOL!!

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    I make them to give away. Even the ones I make because I like the pattern or want to try something, end up in a somewhere else. I really need to work on one for my dtr...she's been very patient with me! LOL But first I'll be making a comfort quilt for my niece who's facing brain cancer chemo and radiation. That's my next project. I've been trying to decide on a pattern...nothing too complicated, I want to get it done and off to her asap.
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    I make quilts for my daughter and grand-childern and for very close friends.....

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    I would try Craigslist first, only need a picture. Then you could try Ebay or Etsy, the fees sometimes are terrible. If you want to give any away, consider the veterans. Our quilt guild took some quilts to the veterans home and one of the men grabbed the last one which was all done in pink. He said he didn't care at all, he was just so grateful for a quilt.

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    Nov 2010
    Wilmington, NC
    I like to do patterns and techniques that are new to me; I want to feel like I learned (or perfected) something with each quilt. I can do fast, easy ones for charity, but really prefer something more difficult or new.

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