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Thread: If you please, info. about your machine :)

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    I agree with maryb119, also pfaff internal parts are not plastic and most machines have plastic parts, i have 2 pfaffs, my older one is a 1469 and I paid around $900. for that one and just recently hubs bought me the 1471 has built in walking foot and IDT, on my 1469 I bought the walking foot for it. I love everything about both machines and I will always buy pfaff. They can withstand anything. And my machines go in once a year for cleaning, I have never had a problem.

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    I would never give up my Bernina.I have a Activa 145. around15 yrs. Paid $1500.00.Worth every penny.I don't use it for class because it heavy.I've never had to have it in for repairs.I do clean it myself. It is very good quality .machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphyngyrl
    Babylock Espire(now Symphony)
    What I love about it
    1.pivoting feature(presser foot raises when sewing is stopped with needle down, you can pivot fabric where you like it, just press foot pedal, presser foot automatically lowers and starts sewing again)
    2. knee lifter
    3. sewing without foot pedal can be done
    4. AHA-automatic height adjuster( automatically detects fabric thickness for perfect tension during sewing so you get nice even stitches)
    5. lots of accessories including 3 FMQ feet, straight stitch needle plate, large quilting table, cone thread stand, and a walking foot
    6. lots of decorative stitches & satin stitches
    7. automatic thread cutter
    8. Super easy needle threader( I swear a kid could do it)
    9. bobbin winder super easy
    10. stitches beautifully
    11. very user friendly(directions are even on the LCD for threading and such if you don't want to get your manual out)
    12. sews thick fabrics well
    13. lots of work space
    14. sews quietly
    15. Low bobbin indicator(will let you know before you run out))
    16. can save stitch patterns
    17. can lock the screen so while your sewing someone can't change the stitch on accident
    18. never had any tension issues
    19. fabric does not get sucked into needle plate like on my other machine( has 7 point feed dogs for more accurate sewing)
    20. sure there's more but only had it for a little over a year

    What I don't love about it
    the only thing i can think of is the lighting could be brighter, but i have an ott-lite so not an issue here, other than that not much of anything

    Price paid 1800 for the machine at a dealer -came with free classes, was a quilt show model so got a good deal, barely used
    Same here! That machine is a lady. She sews so quietly that DH commented on it (his office is below my sewing room) SHe is also not picky about sewing with different threads or on different fabrics.

    Nice big extension table.
    The walking foot is easy to attach and it works well too.

    I paid a bit more because I got a new model ~ $2,200 I wanna say. AND I would buy her again in a snap.

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    Wow looks like I'm the only Bernina fan. I have a Bernina 440. Love it. It has a FMQ function called a BSR and I love that. I was a former singer owner, bought a plain Bernina and loved that machine and it was time to upgrade and stayed with Bernina. It has lots of stitch types, which I hardly use but I like having them available and I just like the way it sews and the ease of use.

    Paid $3000 I think. It has been awhile.

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    I have a Janome 6500 that I love all the stitches that it has and the speed. I also have a Brother Innovis 4000d which is a Disney embroidery combonation. My complaint is that it weighs a TON. So if you want a machine you take places this isn't it. Don't get me wrong I love it to it's just so heavy. I also have a Babylock that I really like.
    Gee I think I would go for the Janome first choice. I also got a little Janome Jem that weighs 10 pounds that I take to classes.
    Sew on all the different choices and see which one feels right for you. and keep your eye open for a sale also ask if the dealer can do a better price. sometimes they well drop the price to make a sale. kjym Kathy

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    Quote Originally Posted by jburress
    I have a Brother Innov'is 4000D which I love. Before that I had a Pfaff which was one of the best machines I've ever had. When I had to get a new machine after lightening blew up my Pfaff, I went with the brother because it had so many features I wanted.
    Wow! Sorry about the lightening!
    I have both a little Brother XR7700, from Costco a few years ago for $149. I LOVE that it came with a quilting table, walking foot, 1/4" foot, 77 stitches, and the drop in bobbin. It's real lightweight so it's perfect to take with me to my weekly quilt group at church.
    I recently bought a Pfaff C1100 Pro, because I wanted a heavier machine to leave on my sewing table at home that had a bigger throat. I paid about $1200 for it, but that was a special. I had to purchase the "quilter's kit" for $249 which included the table, and 5 feet. That was a good price for what I got:) I love the built-in walking foot (Dual Feed System)- that's what sold me on it - along with the 9 1/2" throat. I really like the machine, but I've never used the knee control, and I prefer a drop in bobbin. When I did my research, I read several websites that said if you want all these features for less money, get a Brother. I have to admit - my two machines are VERY similar. BUT, the Pfaff has the big throat, and with quilting, that's pretty nice.

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    Wow! Lots of answers, good advice and plenty to think about LOL

    I have a Brother 4500D, I love it. Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting...I really had no idea how to Embroider (and only dabbled in quiliting and sewing) in July when I bought it, but wanted to learn and DH encouraged me to get the most out of a machine that we could afford. I would have went with the next one up, the Quattro but mostly the only difference was the camera someone else commmented on. So I jumped right in with the 4500

    I have learned alot since the purchase and am very happy with it...it does sooooo much, I am still learning and discovering :)

    Price wasn't too bad with a trade in (brother 450Q) it was about $3500.

    I do agree with the poster that said go in like you are buying a car....test, test test


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    Also Bernina feet are EXPENSIVE!!

    Yes they are but they are metal ......out last anything else on the market, I have a 180 Bernina 440 Bernina and the new 830 Bernina , guess that makes me a Bernina fan,I love everything about them , yes they do need to be serviced but I have never had anything go wrong with mine . When you want good quality you buy Bernina.

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    My Pfaff is 31 years old. I would not trade it for anything else. It has been heavily used and has never needed repair. I paid $1,000.00 for it and it has been worth every penny. There are so many wonderful machines out there today. Choose one that fits your needs......good luck :-D

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    Singer perfect finish..just got it 2 weeks ago
    LOVE...auto pilot!! sewing without the foot
    the stitch regulator
    the elongation mode........(to elongate the
    decorative stitches
    the ability to put a pattern in memory
    needle down function
    tie off stitches function
    Not so much....
    the accessory tray is small...wish it were larger , but no big deal, really, because did I mention that I LOVE auto pilot!! LOL
    I paid 500 dollars on HSN, but it was a package deal with a serger,,,I think it's going to retail for 400 when it comes out in the fall... all in all...I can't tear myself away from it!! I finished 3 quilt tops and made an embroidered and stippled cover for it....don't want to stop to make another quilt...just want to keep sewing on auto pilot!!
    Gone is the neck and back, and shoulder strain...I can comfortably sit with my legs crossed if i want to....it is sooo comfortable to use! I can stipple a quilt in no time, and the stitch regulator has made my stitches look great!!

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