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I think I understand your explanation. It is a simple horizontal knit/purl stitch blanket with whatever color changes one wants as they go along until completed. The plaid only comes into play when it is finished, using a blunt needle to 'weave' a single thread vertically through the stitches. Is this correct?

In the case of yours, did you crochet together strips of knit? Or did you crochet a color line over the top of your knitting?

Thank you again for your very informative reply!
Correct - knit one row, purl one row. Make color changes as applicable with each row. The entire row is one color.

Correct - use a blunt needle, like a needlepoint needle, and it looks like a plain running stitch in each vertical row of knitting.

In mine - the whole thing was knitted - knit one row, purl one row. The only difference in my knitting is that I had color changes along the way (the green squares). The only crochet work was to crochet in the vertical lines.
Thanks for the extra explanation. It helps a lot. I'll keep that information with the picture of your afghan for later use. The extra green squares in yours are great. Any chance you still have the pattern for your afghan?

You know, you could go back and add single rows of yarn to make yours a VERY intricate plaid if you wanted. Thanks again!