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Thread: Ironing and Pressing Quilt Pieces

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    Senior Member stitchengramie's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
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    Ironing and Pressing Quilt Pieces

    I need to buy a new iron and I was wondering if there was one strictly for ironing fabric and pressing quilts, and which one is best to use?
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    Super Member hopetoquilt's Avatar
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    Before purchase, decide if you like a steam iron or dry iron. Quilters have different opinions on this. I actually prefer steam. Also, many people have reported that the cheap irons work as well or better than the expensive ones so don't feel you need to get a very expensive iron. I got mine for about $50 at bed bath and beyond and used a 20% off coupon. I also like the auto shut off feature, as I am afraid of leaving an iron on. Some people hate that feature because they feel they are always waiting for the iron to reheat.

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    Power Poster ckcowl's Avatar
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    choose an iron that is (comfortable) for you- I have an iron i never use- was EXPENSIVE! because it is so dog-gone heavy-even without water ...i hate that iron
    a steam iron has steam holes in the 'face plate' a dry iron has a flat face (no holes) I keep a water bottle on the end of my ironing board to spritz fabric when ever i need a little steam- i hate sputtery-leaky irons---but many people love their steam iron features- only you can decide which way to go-
    get one that has heat settings like, silk, poly, wool, cotton, linen---not one that just has cool, medium & hot
    and get one that fits (YOUR BUDGET)
    you do not have to break the bank - or get a loan for an iron- they range in price from $19.95 on up to $250 or more---decide what you think should be YOUR top price.
    I've had wonderful Black & Decker's for under $20 from the hardware store that lasted 5+ years & i loved, I've had $60 irons from Bed Bath & Beyond...that i love...and that really expensive iron which i hate (and keep stashed away in a closet)
    read the boxes, think about how YOU use an iron-determine 'steam or no steam'; comfortable weight, stays on or turns off, and price-then get the one that meets your requirements.
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    I just used a friend's "Black & Decker" Featherweight iron that she bought at a garage sale for $5.. What a great iron!! Iron was set at 5 with the highest being 7 and it was very hot and did a great job of pressing. I guess that it is true "they are not making things like they used to".
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    Super Member AliKat's Avatar
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    It is nice to have 2 irons. Neither need be expensive. Black & Decker work very well. Why 2 irons? One for steam and one water free. Any iron you fill with water can be incontinent so be prepared.
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    Super Member Krisb's Avatar
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    Also decide whether you want a light or heavy iron. Personally, I like the heft of a heavy iron--maybe it just makes me believes it is pressing down harder. Others do not like the weight. It's up to you.
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    If you get a steam iron that says it uses tap water you should probably mix 1/2 distilled water and 1/2 tap water. That will keep your iron from spitting.

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    Senior Member HouseDragon's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    After buying and returning (problems, not dissatisfaction) four or five expensive irons including a "Quilter's Iron", I went to Wally World and bought the best iron I've ever had! It was going to be temporary until I had the $$$ for another "quilter's iron" I had my eye on.

    It's a very small Rival and cost $5.99 !!!!! It has steam but never spits. Even filled with water it is lightweight. Best of all (for me) it doesn't have auto-shut off. I can cut, piece, sew, and press all day without having to wait and wait and wait for the iron to heat back up.

    OTOH, if you are forgetful, you should probably buy an iron with auto-shut off. Or set a timer to remind you to unplug the iron when you finish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliKat View Post
    Any iron you fill with water can be incontinent so be prepared.
    I love this description!! Incontinent, hahaha!!
    When my iron is incontinent, I treat it much worse than I hope to be treated when that finally happens to me....I just toss the dang thing out and go to Walmart for a new one, a $20 Black and Decker with a shiny silver plate.

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    I use an old, very simple, Black and Decker iron. I've never quite understood what those expensive irons are going to get me other than an empty pocket book. I mean, if I'm going to spend over $100 on an iron that thing better make me coffee while I'm sewing or something. (just keeping it real)

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