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Thread: Isn't this odd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa
    Wow, I didn't realize that I would start a debate! Definitely not my intentions. I just thought it was odd that the same fabrics sold for different prices at different stores. I think Moonpi cleared that up though. Thanks, Moonpi!

    I don't want anyone to feel bad so I'll send out a little bit of my stash to anyone who wants it...just pm me with what you'd like and I'll ship it to you.

    If I am sending out/sharing my stash with someone, I will usually put a litte note attached to it (if I can remember) where I got the fabric from, ie, Walmart etc. Sometimes the fabric will feel funny, but after a wash, it's as soft as ever. It's the sizing/starch they put in it sometimes to make it look pretty on the shelves.

    I have actually seen the different qult stores, walking into them, not internet stores, charge a totally different price. One would be higher than the other for the same fabric.
    I did make mention one day that it was cheaper at the other shop, didn't mean for the owner to hear me, but she was quick to tell me that the OTHER shop sold bad fabric. lmao
    Well, guess what? I went back to the OTHER store and bought the "bad" fabric.

    I think it all boils down to what we can afford and WHO we are making it for. For give aways to friends and family, I will usually use what I have. For gifts for babies, auctions, etc,,,,I make sure the quality is better. Don't want your name on a quilt that gets to it's new home and then all of a sudden falls apart.
    It also depends on WHAT is being made too. I don't think I'd use $12/yd fabric for a wallhanging.....

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    I have heard -- don't know if it is true -- that a manufacturer will send what are called "seconds" to the non-quilt shops, i.e. WalMart, Hancocks, etc.

    These goods are, as has been said, on a less expensive gray good. OR, they may have not taken the dye correctly, or the dye is splotchy, or something. It pays to open the bolt and look closely at the length you are buying to be sure it is not going to cause a problem when you cut it.

    AND I am with everyone else -- buy the best you can afford. But DON'T allow the price to stop your creativity. Do your best, enjoy the process, and let the devil take the hindmost!!! :twisted:

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    I have bought lots and lots of fabric at Walmart, HobbyLobby and Hancocks (when we had one). The only problem I have with Walmart is I think Ours still has the same exact fabric they had 3 yrears ago!! (GIMME SOMHTIN NEW)
    Now I will admit to my fondness for Quilt Shop fabric.. Love it Love it!! BUT I have been getting most of mine online, and there are some really great price in the close out sections for under $3, $4, & $5.

    When I do go to the actual Quilt Shop and I know this sounds silly cause it does not save me a dime but, Probably costs me more in the long run actualy, but I buy a couple of yrds one time a couple more the next ect...
    The only logical explanation I can think of for doing it that way is .... Oh heck there isnt one!! :lol:

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