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Thread: It's okay to be a failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadQuilter View Post
    I respectfully disagree with the title of your post. You are not a failure. You may have failed at meeting the expectations of this project but that is it. YOU are not a failure. That said, the blocks are cute. One possible use is to turn them into HSTs with the black on one side. Then it wouldn't be noticeable that the lines don't match up. You can square up the HST and nobody will ever be the wiser.

    I like this idea!

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    I wouldn't call the blocks a failure. Mine don't always turn out the way they should either, but I still use them and once they are quilted, you really can't tell. You could square up the blocks, something I don't seem to get around to, but my quilts still are nice, even if I do say so myself.

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    how old is your stepdaughter? a lot of young girls just love black. if you have them all done, you would be surprised how nice it might look when it is done. finish it, and let her decide. if she is old enough. you could always maker her two.

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    I agree with MTS. Piece your pink blocks. Choose the smallest one and square it up. Then, trim all the other blocks to that size. THEN cut the black squares to match the pink squares. No one will be the wiser. Always trim your blocks to match the smallest one--whether they are supposed 12 1/2" or whatever. Your blocks are pretty and hopefully you can use them all. That will be a really lovely quilt. Keep on quiltin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandy l View Post
    They are not "failures". They are "artistic oppertunities", at least that's what I keep telling myself
    I agree wholeheartedly, Sandy. Well said.
    Nami to 6

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    I take ufos and unloved blocks from the guild and you'd be surprised how well they can work. All quilts go through the "ugly" stage but once its'done is gets better and better
    always learning

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    You're not a loser

    Quote Originally Posted by KarynneStorm View Post
    Attachment 391831Attachment 391832

    So, I spent a lot of time on these..and now I hate them and don't want to put them into a quilt that I will see on a regular basis, they ended up slightly different sizes and if I matched them all to the smallest one, it would be out of proportion and just weird. I have already started putting together smaller collections to make baby size quilt tops instead of the one queen size duvet I was going to make.

    I learned a lot making these pink blocks. But they turned out so catty-wompus that I just can't even allow myself to make it into a quilt for my stepdaughter. I want something that is more polished. I had intended to put a fleur-de-lis in each white block since that is her favorite shape.

    LESSON LEARNED: This is what happens when you are fearless and thinking you can just sew fabrics together and that will make a block. Not saying you can't do that, but I think I will be more successful once I have a lot more experience, knowledge(and quite a few more failures, I'm sure), and have followed a pattern more than once. I have 18 pairs left, enough for two more tops.

    Now... what to do with them? 1) use them to learn on the long arm....

    by the way, the pinks match a whole lot better than they appear to here.
    OK, so maybe the blocks don't match perfectly, I love the pink fabrics, they are so pretty.Perhaps the black is too much of a contrast, however, you can still use the black, just cut your pink blocks to match the size of the black blocks. I've been quilting for a number of years and there have been times when my blocks go wonky. Don't despair, check the measurement of the black block, center a ruler over the pink and cut accordingly. By centering on the block,then cutting, there will not be a noticeable difference. In one of my books written by Mary Ellen Hopkins, she tells you to cut, sew, and the measurement you end up with is "your personal private measurement", as all machines aren't exactly alike. Please, don't beat yourself up, the quilt can still be saved and remember I'm sure everyone of us has had a similar experience. Just don't give up when things don't go the way we planned, just "drop back and punt" then start again. I really do love the pink fabrics that you used.

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    You could finish them up and donate them to a pregnancy center. Or a homeless shelter. I am sure they would love them.

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    it is only a failure if you do the same the next time Take some time and think back on what you did which caused the blocks to not be "correct". Was it in the cutting, the piecing or pressing. If you don't know what went wrong you don't know what to correct. Did you sew too fast. Did you pin to make them meet because the machine can work against you..........Go back and then "confess" what you did that made them the way they are. Practice only makes more perfect if you correct what was not perfect the first time. We will be waiting for your answer. lol

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    I disagree...I would change out the black block to white and then square it up.. I think you have a pretty quilt in the making...just saying...

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