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Thread: Koala cabinet - need help deciding

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    Super Member paulswalia's Avatar
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    Koala cabinet - need help deciding

    I'm thinking of making an investment in the Quilt Pro Plus IV set up. For those of you who have Koala cabinets - help me make a decision, please. Which one do you have and what's the pros and cons of your set up. I know I definitely want the extension table, no question. Also have decided on the electric lift. But what about these other options: Storage and Shelving kit? Front door shelving? Thread storage boxes? Extensions for left or right or both? Do you have the extra height? I'm thinking this would be nice to be able to use the extension table for a cutting table. I'm 5 foot 6, (no, I won't tell you my weight) and currently use the folding table from Joann's for cutting and like it. Help , please!
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    As a cutting table ... it would be too low for me for any comfort.
    To add extra height, it would be too high for comfortable sewing.

    I'm also 5'6".
    I currently cut on regular banquet tables with bed risers under.
    It's OK, though I much prefer cutting at a higher level still.
    Thus for smaller cuts, I do it on my ironing board, which sits a little higher.
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    Super Member Candace's Avatar
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    I'm 5'6" and have that set up. I didn't get the extra height and don't need it. Thread storage boxes just take up room in the table. I have all my thread up on the wall for easy access.

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    Senior Member carolstickelmaier's Avatar
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    I wish I had an extension table to the right of my machine. That little space that is there on most is just not enough to hold scissors, small ruler, pins, thread or what ever you need near by. I don't like getting up to reach my things when I am "in the groove" sewing.

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    Super Member AliKat's Avatar
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    A friend has one and she loves it. She doesn't use the back extension part very much as her cabinet is against a wall and it is harder for her [due to her age] to move the cabinet out.

    If I had the room I would consider one. Though I imagine I would use the thread storage boxes space for something else.
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    I want one, I want the higher one,so when the machine is down it can double as cutting table.I go back and forth between a custom made and koala.Then the prices scares me away,and I forget about either of them.But that being said. I would want the sides and shelves. I want More because more is better.And that electric lift too.and the bigger hole,just in case I upgrade my sewing machine.Nancey's sewing had mine on sale one time.Best wishes and come back to let me know if you're happy.

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    I would take a look at Gristmill Custom Furniture as another option. I am taking delivery of my sewing cabinet early next week and am really excited. I compared Koala vs Gristmill and there really is no comparision. The owner, Jason is a dream to work with and will customize the cabinet to your liking. Unlike Koala, Gristmill is made with solid wood and with prices were very similar!! Here is what mine looks like.......can't wait to set it up at home!!Name:  IMG_1795.JPG
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    Super Member franc36's Avatar
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    My Koala cabinet is 13 years old, is used daily, and still looks like new, I love the back extension and use it; but not for cutting. I have a Koala cutting table that I love. It is the perfect height for me. I really like the electric lift on the sewing cabinet. Mine has a side area for my serger which is very handy. It has drawers and storage areas which I use. I have a cabinet to the right of my sewing table. I keep sewing supplies that I use frequently on the top of that cabinet. On one door of my sewing cabinet, I have a cloth holder with pockets for 36 pairs of scissors. When I consider how much use I have gotten from my Koala products, I feel they were well worth the cost.

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    Feb 2013
    Rapid City, SD
    I don't use my table for cutting either. If I could "improve" anything I would like to have more space to the right of the machine - but the way my room is set up that really isn't practical. The space is large enough for scissors, thread, pins, etc. My table has a slide out spacer which is removed when I want to use the embroidery part of my machine. I had a cabinet that raised and lowered for the machine but that proved to be more of a pain than it was worth! I keep the back of my cabinet open all the time - I use all the space underneath that for storage and unfinished quilts. Good luck in your quest.

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    Oct 2012
    I have a Horn table similar to the Koala you are talking about. I wish I had the right extension as the space on mine is too small to hold anything but my sissors and pins. I have the left extension like the one Quilter in MN photo shows but not the drawers below. have a separate 5 drawer cabinet on rollers that fits under the left extension when not in use. My Horn also has a front extension that I leave up all the time. I don't have an electric lift, but have no difficulty moving my machine with the manual one. I love my table. It has served me well almost ten years and still looks brand new. I don't know about the taller cabinet, but for me using my table for a cutting table would be terribly inconvenient. I have my project spread all over the table, and I wouldn't want to move everything every time I wanted to cut. I have a separate folding cutting table that I've had almost 20 years, and if I couldn't have anything else in my sewing room (including my sewing cabinet), I would keep this table. I cut on it, design on it, baste on it, and have even used it as an extra serving table at parties. It is the best and most used sewing tool I own. My previous cabinet had door shelves on the left side, but I found that my project would get caught on the shelves and everything would end up tangled in the quilt or on the floor. I have a lot of thread and store it on wall racks. The are inexpensive at Joann's. Be sure to get the proper insert for your sewing machine hole. If you can get an insert the same material as the table it will be easier than Plexiglas to machine quilt on. You can't go wrong with your cabinet no matter what options you choose.

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