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Thread: Left Handed

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    paintedquilt's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
    Reading another post, some of you mentioned being left handed. I am, Are You and if so what is your beef.

    Mine is when I'm sewing and I take out the pins, I remove them with my right hand and put them in a countainer on my right side when in actual fact I would rather take them out with my left hand and put them on my left side but the material is usually in the way! :x

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    Senior Member redrummy's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Mount Vernon, Oh
    One of mine is scissors. I learned how to use regular, I tried left handed ones, and they won't work because I press wrong and they don't cut. Some regulars aren't good either.

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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Out searching for some sunshine :-)
    Blog Entries
    I never fully realized all of the issues until my step son came into my life. I watched him struggle in a right handers world. I thought by now there would be better left handed products. He still complains about finding good scissors...
    My old iron was set up for both, the cord came out of the back, not the side.

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    Super Member Shemjo's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    St. Louis, Missouri
    I'm a lefty who uses mostly right handed tools, but I LOVE my left handed Martelli rotary cutter. I think rulers on cutting mats are my biggest challenge now. They go backwards for me.

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    Senior Member ctmhjenn's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Nine Mile Falls, WA
    Don't you just wish they would make a left handed sewing machine? I would LOVE to take the pins out without the throat being in the way too. It will never happen. I have learned to use the rotary cutting mat to turn things when I am cutting the 'wrong' way. But most of the time, I just have to flip to cut, and the rulers are always wrong. Now they have printed them either way, and that too me is even more confusing. I guess it is a right handed world..

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2009
    I am a lefty and sissors have always been one of my beefs.I can now find left handed sissors but back in my high school days when I cut things out it was really hard on my thumb to use sissors. My Mother finally found me left hand sissors. I threatened husband then kids if they touched my sissors they were in trouble. Now it's the Grandkids that get threatened.

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    deedles215's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Elk River, MN
    I'm a lefty who has grown up in a righty world- I can't keep track of what I do with either hand anymore. I eat & write left, but sports are righty; rotary cutter, cooking-stirring-spoon-side is left...
    Scissors, desks, pens, sewing machines, notebooks, ... you name it, it's made for a right-handed person.
    It's frustrating, I feel your pain!
    Pick up a pen with a business name printed on it- if you hold it in your right hand, you can read the writing. If you hold it with your left it's upside down.

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    Super Member Pam S's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Northern KY
    I'm left-handed and I can't use left-handed scissors. Learned to cut with right-handed ones as a kid and never could change. Somebody once gave me a left-handed potato peeler and I couldn't figure that one out either! My DH is left-handed too - I went out with him several times before I noticed. But not one of our 3 kids is a lefty.

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    Super Member Quiltgranny's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Don't ya know? We're the only ones in our "right" mind!! :lol: :wink: :thumbup:

    I have an odd story to tell. I am also a lefty, but wasn't born that way. My natural bend was to be a right handed gal, but my weird Dad wanted me to be a lefty (very strange man). Anyway, I think I have the best of both worlds; analytical like the right handed folks and creative like the lefties. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :lol:

    DH is totally ambidextrous, and has convinced me of something awesome. We both love to do crossword puzzles, and often one of us can answer a clue the other one doesn't know. However, he figured out one day that when he couldn't get the answer with his left hand, he put his pen in his right hand and voila`! :shock: Yes, really, he swears this works and has proven it to me time after time.

    So, as I go along in life, I find myself starting to do more things with both hands. The results really are interesting. :thumbup: Notice that emoticon; even it's left handed, lol. It can't be all that bad! :lol:

    I do agree with what the other posters have said tho, as far as it being a right hand dominant world. My back will never be the same after having to sit and write in those idiot right armed desks! What an awful form of punishment that was!!

    Karla in CO

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    Super Member Barbm's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    blink and you've missed it
    I think that after adapting to so many "wrong" things, I don't consider too much as being uncomfortable. But- I would LOVE the rulers on the cutting mat to be lefty. I get tired of having to use my brain and do the math all the time.

    That and to get the rightys in the family to put the iron and board back where I need it. (Although my daughters iron lefty, wierd)

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