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Thread: Miniature Quilt method/instructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by oksewglad
    Below is a comment I made in the 1.5" swap thread. I use 1/4" seams and starch, even when using 3/4" cuts for 1/4" finished pieces.

    "I think the first order on the small stuff is to have accurate cuts, then sew an accurate, consistent seam.
    One thing one has to watch is how you start and end the seam. I call it the l-r swing. We as sewers tend to start to far to the left, curve into the 1/4" seam allowance and then end up too far from the right making a slight "S" shape in the seam. Try sewing 2 1.5" squares together with highly contrasting thread and see if that's a problem for you. If it is true for you, simply try to start and end straight. I catch myself doing the l-r swing everyonce in while and usually go back and resew the seam correctly.
    I don't press open, I get a better match by pressing to the side and butting the two seams together or "locking them in place" as Eleanor Burns would tell you."

    I believe that is a problem I am having! Thanks for pointing that out. When I get to the end of the seam, it seems like the machine, but must be me, pulls to the right and I have to rip the seam out and resew. I have been learning to use the metal pointed thing to try to guide it through the foot but forget to use it until after I made the mistake! Thanks again...

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    first, foundation piecing is generally used!
    second, if piecing without foundation, use spray sizing(not starch) to firm up the fabrics,
    always use a leader, ender fabric to avoid the feed dog issue..which by the way, is usually caused by wrong tension or wrong/dull needle!

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    You can find lots of my tutorials and no I don't use foundation piecing. You can get great minis by using my shortcut methods.

    If you haven't seen these here are my links for the info I have available:

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    My free tutorials on the Quilting Board
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    Sampler Quilt Along Blocks and Layouts in one place

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    My website:
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    My EBooks
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    I like to use small pieces but with larger seams than normal, then you don't have to add batting. Just like the others said, any flaws like things not lining up tend to show more. They are really fun though, it's definitely worth trying. :-)

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