I think what the "Modern Quild Guild" has done is take a general free-flowing trend in contemporary quilting and design ( la Weeks Ringle/Bill Kerr, Denyse Schmidt, and others), and tried to put it in a box with labels and definitions. When it takes eight paragraphs to define what Modern Quilting is, there's something way too restrictive going on.

As a solo quilter, I was all excited about the idea of finding a local group of non-traditional, experimental quilters to play with every month or so, but then I started reading the blogs and websites of some of the groups that have been established. In many cases, they are adamant that you "do this and don't do that" almost to the point of telling you what fabrics you can and cannot use. They also, in many cases, seemed extremely age-biased towards anyone AARP eligible...automatically writing them (and thus me) off as hopeless traditionalists.