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Thread: More than one way - - - -

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    More than one way - - - -

    We've heard - over and over - that there is usually more than one way to do many things.

    And I agree.

    But why get upset if an instructor only demonstrates one way of accomplishing something?

    Most classes have time constraints on them.

    Sometimes it's a challenge to just get one idea across - forget about variations on a theme.

    I would think it would be easier to try to keep a group "on track" if most of the members are doing the same thing more-or-less the same way at the same time.

    I read over and over about "poor teachers/instructors" - but the student/learner/tutee has to do his/her part, also, to make a class successful or a learning experience positive.

    (I'm not an instructor - but I have had some obnoxious/disruptive/unprepared classmates now and then)

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    I agree. The class is for one method, the one the instructor wants to teach. I dread when a classmate will pop up with I know an easier way to do this same thing and of course has to tell or show it and that takes time from the class that I paid a lot of money to learn what the instructor knows. If you go to a class and know a different way to do something, be quiet! The instructor more then likely knows about it but it may not work with the whole piecing of her pattern.

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    Sometimes the "hard" way of learning something, is actually an "easy" way, to learn a more advanced skill.

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    i agree- you take the class to learn a technique- there are probably 20 different ways to do it- and after learning the technique being taught you can always go look for other ways to do it-
    it only confuses the class when people are always trying to show a different way when an instructor is trying to show one way-i've been in a couple of those classes too- they are not any fun.
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    There seems to be at least one 'know it all' who has to speak up about doing something different. Like someone else said it's my money and I want to hear what the instructor has to say, not the students. Rubs me the wrong way every time.

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    I agree - if you are attending a class teaching a particular technique or pattern - you should listen to the instructor - you can always make improvements or shortcut on your own time - that being said -if you don't "mesh" with the instructor or the type of class - I would find another instructor or classroom - Although I have never taken a class - I have been self taught mainly by the multitude of videos on the internet and also all the bright and brilliant quilters on the quilting board.

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    Amen, amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have been in classes where that has happened also. One class I was in, two of the ladies wanted to do it their own way and when it did not turn out right, actually blamed the instructor. It was not good!!

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    Having taught in the past, one needs to remember that there are different levels of skill with students.........and as it was said, there are time limitations..........I would teach 2-5 and 6-9 P.M.'s the hour off was for my lunch and organize for the new eager ladies well usually. I did enjoy it............calla

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    I have been in some of those classes too, and I agree that it's disruptive and disrespectful for a student to insist on doing something different. After all, you paid to attend the class to learn from the instructor, so why not keep an open mind and at least try her methods? If, after you get home, you decide to continue with your old methods, that's fine, but don't dismiss the new methods until you've tried them, and never during the class.

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