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Thread: My WallyWorld "mishap"

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    Quote Originally Posted by OdessaQuilts
    Yesterday I had to stop at my local Wal-Mart for some things. While I was there, I stopped at the fabric counter to pick up some basic WOW cottons. Well, as I came around the end of one aisle, the girl from the department comes barrelling around from the other side and nearly runs me and another customer over with her enormous cart. With a surly look on her face, she managed to give the other woman a look that could kill and the customer moved. She then went to re-stock shelves or something.

    So I go up to the cutting counter, ring the bell and wait.

    And wait.

    And ring the bell again.

    And wait.

    And wait.

    And wait some more.

    And wait.

    And ring the bell again ....

    well, you get the picture. After nearly 7 minutes of this behavior, I pull out a scrap of paper from my purse and write a note. It said something to the effect of "This is typical. I have stood here for over 5 minutes, periodically ringing the bell, to have no one show up and wait on me. My time is valuable and I have no more time to waste today. It's a shame you don't find this department important enough to staff it adequately. It's clear that you don't care about your customers." I left it pinned to the top bolt of fabric I was considering purchasing.

    What's really maddening is that in the next department over (menswear, across the aisle), there was a manager telling 2 employees to go and do a "good floor mopping" in another area of the store. They clearly saw me standing there, they heard the bell ringing. But none of them were apparently capable of helping someone in the fabric department.

    Is this typical of your fabric department experiences in Wally World??? I'm so frustrated and incredibly dissapointed with my treatment. In hindsight I should have left my name and phone number on the note, but I was so exasperated at that point that I couldn't see straight, let alone think straight!
    Yes we have walmarts here that are the same way. My husband used to hate to wait with me so he would keep ringing the bell or get someone to help.

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    Wally seems to have gotten rid of all but a few people. Then they don't know what they are doing there. It certainly isn't like the ole wally we knew. A shame. When fabric left-I go in and out. I always used to come home with fabric. Now no fabric and very little craft items. If you need party stuff-you got it.

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    I'm going to jump in here only one more time. I generally respect store employees and I am bothered by the comment that some of us are trying to get one up or over on WM. My misadventure was definitely to my benefit, I admit that. But my issue with local stores is the message (whatever the problem: pharmacy, hardware, auto or fabric departments) never gets heard any higher than the district level. I called the customer service line to discuss my misadventure and they were non-commital about the event. I even offered to return to the store and pay for the fabric or return it...the comment from the service rep..."Please don't do that; it will get the night manager in trouble." HuH! Walmart is who they are; no longer a company that respects their customer or selective of who they buy their merchandise from, and how they negotiate contracts with vendors using strong arm tactics. In other words, WalMart considers themselves King of the World at the expense of anyone who gets in their way. I write this info from personal knowledge of the system. So, I'm done with this tirade and this thread. Live on quilters, however and wherever you find the fabrics and tools of our craft. Complain to whomever you must and complement those who deserve it.

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    Hey my WallyWorld stoped selling fabric in March of this year.
    Now I only have Hobby Lobby,Michaels, JoAnns,and Hancock.
    You can't buy any sewing needs at WalMart now in OKLA. :D

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    All I can say, is that you can't always assume that the associates are to blame. Either they can't cut fabric, can't find someone to cut fabric or, to be honest don't want to cut fabric. I know some that don't like cutting fabric because it's nerve racking and sometimes the customers are quite rude. I don't mind doing it, but I am waiting for the day I get one of those fabled customers who reems me out because "You didn't cut my fabric right!"
    I havn't had a bad one yet, in fact I've had some customers with EXTREME patience. Like for example, one time I had just finished cutting like 20 different things of fabric when the scanner quit on me and deleted all of the information. I had to hunt down a lady who could help me (I was in panic mode) and we had to rescan everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearisgray
    Maybe the associates should start their own thread called
    "guests/customers from hell"
    Employees for some companies started doing that. Then they all got fired.

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    There are both good & bad places to shop as far as Customer Service goes. I've worked Retail and I can vouch for the fact that a little bit of kindness to the employees, goes a long way. They are doing what they have been ordered to do. We all have had a bad shopping experience or two from time to time & will cont. to have them in the future. But we do not always know if the employee in that dept. is just screiwng around & being lax on the job or if they have been told to do whatever. My point is that we don't know what is going on with them, so it is unfair to chastize them. And treat them as we would want to be treated if the positions were reversed.

    Last, we do sound like a bunch of old crabby clucking hens sometimes. :D We all need to remember: "How do we probably sound or come across to the many many lurkers here." Therefore try to set a nice tone. If we post a negative, try to add a positive along with it. :thumbup: It is a well know fact everywhere, that some of the help in Stores are far from good at their job or like it was way back when. Maybe they were having an off day. Maybe they had been up the night before tending to someone sick and was just exhausted that day. They are as human as we are. Just be kind to them. Whether they really deserve it or not, we don't know. It sure can't hurt. :wink: Okay I am off this topic & going to read on some other topcs.

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