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Hello everyone & thanks in advance for any advice you provide to me.
I have an opportunity to purchase "Design-A-Quilt" quilting machine & frame with a 13 ft table. Plus lots of bobbins, extra needles, & external bobbin winder. For approx $500.
Apparently there is nothing wrong with it & I have no idea how old it is.....the lady needs the room space back.
Would this be okay to start with? I don't think I could ever purchase my dream machine @ $9000.!
I owned a DAQ. It is a clunky machine. It is one of the first home long arms and many, many new things Have been done to make your quilting experience so much more enjoyable. That said, the machine head is actually a commercial machine with an oil pan it sits on. For $500 it would be a starter, but I think I would save my money. The carriage/ table action is not particularly responsive.