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Thread: New Cutter Advice

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    I use the Martelli 60mm Ergo cutter for all my shop and personal cutting. The blades last many many times longer than any other cutter we've tried, and we've tried them all. The ergonomic fit in your hand also helps you cut easier and longer without strain, and it's a lot easier to keep your cuts straight and upright.

    With a new blade or even a half-worn blade it will cut on rough mats, our mats are not self-healing and they take a beating from hundreds of full-width cuts every day. I just replaced the blade on my cutter after a year of cutting - only because I finally missed a cut and messed up the blade by trying to cut my ruler.

    BTW, we don't sell them, but maybe we should.

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    I have three Olfas and never have had any problems.....I would replace my cutting mat first and then see if the problem continues..

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    Make you a ball of aluminum foil and run your blade over it several times, then cut with it. If it cuts okay, then you need a new blade. I use the aluminum foil for a quick fix to try to get all I can out of that blade. The other thing is make sure you have your blade installed correctly in the blade holder. That could be a major concern. When all this fails, call you dealer for instructions.

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    I use the Blue Dritz , but lately Jo Anns and Wal-Mart have stopped carrying them. I love them, plus you don't have to worry about the blade because it is never exposed . You pushed down on it to cut. Maybe they stopped making them.

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    I only know this from my own experience--I kept having problems with my cutter after I put a new blade in it and then another one because I thought there was a nick in the first one, and then discovered that I had put my cutter back together in the wrong way. After I actually got that figured out eventually, then no prolems. Just an anecdote.


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    She said she tried a new mat, so that isn't it. I'm wondering if there could be something in the post and hole assembly where the blade goes around. Whenever I change a blade I notice that very fine residue accumulates there and it has to be carefully cleaned out. Also, could there be something wrong with the turn post (axel?) in the middle that is not perfectly round? My dad and hubby both worked with metal tolerances, etc. and I know a flaw in metal might throw off the rotation of the blade.

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    Olfa Mats

    Quote Originally Posted by qbtexas View Post
    Is your mat older? I just had the same issue, but the mat I was using has seen its share of work over the years and I think the older mat affects the cut.
    Speaking of mats, I have 3 large mats that I use side to side on my cutting table. They are well used. Many of you have mentioned that you soak them and they revive. I am wondering if this might help these "defective" blades, even new blades. I also wonder where you soak your mats if you don't have a tub that is wide enough to keep the mats flat? I also wonder if I could soak them in my swimming pool for a few minutes? I live in south FL and when we use the pool we heat it to 90 degrees. I doubt the amount of chemicals would harm them. any thoughts??? Emily

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    When this happened to me I found that I had put TWO blades on my cutter! DAH.
    Keep smiling, it makes others wonder what you're up to!

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    I am glad to find out others have problems with rotary cutters. I have been wondering if I am just tooo dumb to figure out how to use a cutter. Mine gives me fits , Sometimes I resort to finishing my cuts with scissors. and that is a real drag. I have tried everything I can imagine to clean the blade and changed numerous times. So now I'll try cleaning my mat.

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