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Thread: Oh dear... noticing the many mistakes....

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    Oct 2012

    Oh dear... noticing the many mistakes....

    I sewed my first quilt top a few weeks ago trying to use what is probably a very simple pattern.

    Anyway, as I was ironing it in preparation of finally making my sandwich, I noticed how off it is in areas...

    I wish I would have known of (or preferably, HAD) all of the awesome measuring tools and rulers I've just learned about in the past day or two.

    I think my whole darn quilt is going to need some serious squaring up and will probably still be somewhat askew. (I'm just hoping that as my girls grow up, they find the imperfections endearing). So, what are your favorite tools for squaring up a whole (crib sized) quilt?

    I've made a wishlist of rulers that I think will really help me with this and future quilts - what does everyone think of the items below? (if you know of another version or something else entirely that might help make the measuring/cutting of quilt pieces easier (and consequently, more fun!), please feel free to give me your input!

    June Tailor 2.5" binding buddy ruler
    5" x 24" lip edge ruler
    12" x 18" June Tailor shape cut plus ruler
    Quilt in a Day 12.5" x 12.5" shape up ruler

    Thanks again (and again!) for any input.

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    Super Member Deborahlees's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
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    Pending on the size of your blocks with determine the size of ruler.....
    for the past several years all I use is my 12" square ruler, as a general rule none of my blocks are bigger than that,
    so it works for everything smaller. I really only use two rulers, my 6 x 24" for cutting my pieces and my 12 x 12....
    yes I do have some specialty ones....but there use is very limited.
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    Don't be so hard on yourself!! It will always be a treasured quilt because it was your first!

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    Sep 2010
    I use a drafting T-square for the final squaring. Also, 6 x 24, and the June Tailor rulers. Accurate cutting is also key. I have learned to square-up form the first piece of the block. I think squaring-up takes a lot of practice. I just have learned on my through trial and error. The T-square along with another ruler to make sure the corners square-up is the best to me. I'm sure everyone has there on ways of "squaring" a block or quilt.

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    Sep 2010
    I don't think it matters which tools/rulers you use, as long as you use the same one to measure and cut all the pieces. Rulers will vary, believe it or not. But the best advice I got when I started was to take my time, pin EVERYTHING, and press as you go. My first quilt was pitiful!!

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    May 2012
    Don't be discouraged, remember this is a hobby and we are having fun!!

    I am also a beginner and what I have learned is "unsewing" is a pain but the end result is worth the effort. It really helps to make sure your blocks are squared and the seams in each block are straight and in the right place. I have found if you ignore a little oops in a block, it is magnified when you piece everything together.

    I use only the basic 24 x 6 1/2, 15 x 15 and 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 rulers.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your next project.

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    Welcome to the board.
    You don't need all the fancy rulers. You need to practice cutting accurately. That is one of the first rules of quilting. You may think 1/8" isn't much but add up 8 blocks and you are off by one whole inch which is a lot. Practice cutting on old sheets or tablecloths from the good will shop. Your straight ruler will do all the things the fancy ones can do. Same as Deborahlees I mainly only use two rulers 6 X 24" and my 8 1/2" square.
    Come back anytime and remember we are all here to help and be helped and there is no such thing as a dumb question. Happy quilting.
    PS If you only want a square to square up blocks go to a plastic specialist and ask them to make you an accurate square in the size you want. Much cheaper.

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    Jul 2012
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    The brand of the ruler does not matter to me but the size does. Here are the rulers I have in order of their importance to me: 6"z24", 12.5"x12.5", binding buddy, 6.5"x6.5" and 3.5"x3.5". The last two I keep next to my machine along with a small cutting mat for last minute snips.

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    Central NJ
    I would suggest, if you can find/afford it, an 8x24 ruler. I have a 6.5 x 24 that I use all the time. But I do find alot of patterns call for cutting 7 or 8 in strips. I have yet to find an 8 x 24 that I like and I HATE having to butt 2 rulers together or cutting by the lines on my mat. If I have to do either of those I will usually cut a bit wider and trim when I get down to smaller units. I have a 12.5x12.5 a 6 x 24 lip edge that I rarely use anymore and a 3.5 x 12 that I use for trimming. I find I can do just about anything with these and no need for specialty rulers or gadgets.

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    Right now you will see every mistake because you are working so close to the source. Trust me, when the top is turned into a sandwich and the sandwich is quilted, you will not notice the mistakes as much. Some of the smaller inconsistencies will quilt right out and you won't notice them at all. For the rest, pat yourself on the back because you did it and finished!

    As for rulers, I don't know anything about the June T. series. I have a 6.5, 9.5, 12.5, and 15" square because those are the blocks I make the most. (Particularly the 6 and 12 come in handy). I spend the time to square my blocks.

    Then I have a 6x24 that I use in conjunction with the largest square ruler to square up my tops. Works fine for me.
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