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Thread: OH MY GOSH...should I buy a new sewing machine????? ***PICS ADDED PAGE 5!!!***

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    Aug 2007
    Las Vegas, Nv
    Okay, here's my opinion. All the new toys in the world will only make you happy until they aren't so new and you still have creditors barking at your heels. Besides, you could get farther in debt because this isn't an inexpensive hobby if you are a beginner. There are loads of things to buy besides thread and fabric. You'll wind up frustrated if you don't have the tools you need to do a decent job.
    Cutting board
    Rotary cutters
    lots of thread
    pins (the right kind)
    marking pens or pencils
    an iron
    how about a table?
    then storage for all the fabric you'll be buying
    I could go on but I won't

    I agree with putting one on lay-away or stashing money where you know you won't touch it and save for the one you want. Start buying the tools you may want.

    Sorry :cry: Hope you have a happy birthday no matter what you decide.

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    May 2008
    Happy Birthday.

    Can't figure out how old you are - but a breakup is painful, regardless of one's age.

    I have been acquiring Singers manufactured in the 1960's - and they sew an AWESOME straight stitch. Especially after getting them serviced. The 237 does a nicer satin stitch than my newer (1980's) Pfaff.

    Truth be told, I use very few of the fancy features on my Pfaff. I do wish it had a buttonhole stitch, but other than that , it does more than I actually use.

    I think if you are asking, you probably think/know you should be working on the bills and are looking for permission to buy a different machine.

    At any rate, I hope good things come your way.

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    Moderator sharon b's Avatar
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    I am on the fence with this one, but you say you earned some cash with a boot sale. is there any chance that you good make the new machine pay for itself? Maybe that would help justify the expense now and help you pay your bills in the future. Just a thought. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

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    Apr 2008
    Pay the bills first.....then next month pay the bills again. And next month start all over again. It's a way of life for most of us.
    New things in life make us feel good at the moment, but it's the old, reliable things in life that make it worth living. If you buy something new every time you have a crisis in life you'll be in debt forever.
    Set a goal......say you want a new machine by Christmas or by next spring........get yourself out of the habit of buying something to make yourself feel good now. Spend the free time you have looking and comparing machines and deciding what features you want, then when the time is right you'll not regret what you get. Apply the same logic in relationships and you'd be surprised how much better life can be. Do you want to have good moments in life or do you want to feel good for the moment?

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    community benefactor Knot Sew's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    You are just starting out quilting and doing things on your own. Pay the bills and make a budget. Many shops have reconditioned machines , check these when the time is right.

    Wait and see what you will want and need in a sewing machine. How much time do you have for this hobby, and what kind of quilting will you be doing? Are you just piecing or doing quilting on the machine. How big will your quilts be? Do you want to do applique or embroidery?

    hang in there it gets better. I am 62 and have been single since 1996.
    I am now at peace and content :)

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    May 2008
    Columbus, Ohio
    In my opinion, here's what will make you so much happier than a new machinie right now...Pay up your debt so you can get on your own 2 feet. You'll feel so much better when you know you can take care of yourself, without the help of the 'love of your life'(or his help putting you in the situation you're in). Self sufficiency is a wonderful thing, and gives you the opportunity to see how wonderful and strong you are, all by yourself. Then when the next love comes along, you're ready, you have a great stable healthy content spirit to offer a relationship. You end up better off all around :D :D Take the old machine in for a good tune-up. I'm dying for a Pfaff too, but the old singer will have to do for a few more years, or until I win the Lotto :lol: :lol:

    Good thoughts coming your way. Take care of yourself.


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    May 2008
    Just wondering -

    Of you sewers out there who have new (less than five years old) machines with all the features, how many of the features do you actually use?

    The machine I bought - golly, now it's almost 20 years old, and I think of it as my "new" machine - has a lot of features that I have never used.

    I use the straight stitch, zig-zag, the several stitch zig-zag stitch, the hemming stitch, occasionally the button-hole thing - don't do that very well, once in a rare while one of the pattern stitches. I like the needle-up/needle down function.

    The embroidery machines look like a lot of fun, but for the cost, if I only want something done once in a blue moon, it might be worthwhile to pay someone to do an item.

    Sometimes one only needs a fly-swatter. The heavy artillery just isn't appropriate at times.!

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    Jul 2008
    Dudley, UK
    Hi all, thanks so much for all your comments and advice. I had been 'ummming and aaaring' (being indecisive!) about what to do, feeling guilty if I did buy the machine, miserable if I didn't.

    But on my birthday I was pleasantly surprised that my Mom and Dad and my brother Bob had been so generous and gave me some money (my parents usually give me cash but it was more than usual this year!), as they knew I wanted to buy a sewing machine. Added to the money I made at the boot sale and I have got more than enough to buy the machine I want.

    With regards to debts/bills, I bit the bullet and worked on my finances, and things are not in as bad shape as I thought they were. None of my bills are behind, in fact I will be getting a refund this month from my bank as they have overcharged me on my mortgage two months running - no wonder things felt so tight!

    Anyway, the Pfaff 1122 is being delivered today! I am so excited! I am having it delivered to my parents house as I always visit them on a Tuesday night, so we will all get to have a play with it tonight.

    Once again, thanks for all the helpful advice, your comments really helped me balance things and think things through sensibly.

    Mary :wink:

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    Moderator tlrnhi's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    In the middle of a mess...
    Congrats on your new machine and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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    Super Member Marcia's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Mary--you did get your cake and eat it too!! Congrats on your new sewing machine. May you have MANY hours of fabric bliss with it!!! :-)

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