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Oh thank you I'll check the bobbin case and change out the needle. As for services heck the machine isn't a year old yet so I hope that's not the problem. See I told the hubby I need a really good machine. lol I have a drop in bobbin, oh and my machine is a brother cs6000i like Bevangers I just know the weight of the thread is different from what I normally use which is all purpose thread this is that veragated thread really pretty stuff. Just so agervating that this is happening. Oh well, thanks for the help will try all of the above. Thanks again
1 week after I got my janome 1600P the timing went crazy and I was sewing stitches just like yours! :wink: So, I took it, he fixed it and my baby is perfect! That also happened a lot on my kenmore and the sewing machine guy said all the things that the wonderful quilters have already told you! If none of that works, you need to take her in! Good luck!