see just like me they ended up with something great...those are not accidents those are (divine) appointments we would other wise have missed at least thats what I have always called them...haha[/quote]

Another "divine accident" for you. One of my friends helps her mother with her bills, personal business, etc. They live 4 or 5 hours apart, so daughter set mom up with a computer so they can keep in contact every day. Mom wanted to get set up on ebay and daughter thought that wasn't a good idea. So mom decided to have the other daughter get her set up. So then mom told my friend (daughter #1) that she had been on ebay and bid on a few things. It turned out that she had bid on and won 6 ice cream makers! My friend was so upset and was all bent out of shape and was trying to figure out what to do. I told her that her sister got her into this, let her sister get her out of it!

A couple of weeks later, I asked what ever happened with the ice cream makers. She said that her mom and the neighbor lady get together and make 6 batches of ice cream every week and take it to shut-ins.

So that turned out pretty good too. Mom and friend have fun making ice cream and shut-ins get weekly company. :D