girl, u and i need to get together !!!

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You sound like I do sometimes and when I sound like that, I don't get anything done. I usually get frustrated and end up leaving my sewing room. I have to put everything away and work on only ONE project at a time in order to be productive. I'm learning that right now. I haven't sewn in over a month. I was where you are and had to close up my room and walk away and take a break. Yesterday was the first time I actually went in there and ironed and cut for my Craftsy free Sept. BOM. I don't know what I'm going to do after I make my two blocks. I have to make a baby quilt and this is a present and has me all flustered because I don't work well under pressure, but I have to get in there and start on it. I was doing fine until my niece announced she was pregnant and her mom (my sister) made all the baby blankets for her kids until she died and now I need to step in and do it and I'm feeling no confidence, comparing myself to my older and wiser sister who quilted years more than me. But, my niece won't care if it's not perfect. And I think I do a pretty good job, but still, I'm kind of freaking out here knowing I'm stepping into some really big shoes. And it's only a baby blanket. My God. What is wrong with me? A whole month without quilting because of fear. I'm questioning my sanity right now. My niece will love having a baby blanket no matter what, just to have one is all she wants. This is her first baby and she didn't think she'd get a baby blanket since her mom died until I chimed in and said I'd do it, so why am I so lacking in confidence? Boy, am I writing in my diary? Oops! Just had to let this out, I guess. See where I am coming from?