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Thread: Paper Piecing -- Mistakes I Made

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    Sep 2012
    Stunning...absolutley stunning grocifer. I am interested in PP. I went to the Quilt Pro site and the software is still half price, provided it is the software I am looking for. I am new to quilting and after reading this thread I think I need to learn it right from the get go...lol...if there is such a thing. There are 3 Carol Doak's software CD's. I just dont know which
    one(s) I should get. May someone could help me out here? These are today only .




    You will have to copy/paste these links as I don't know how to post links. Would I be betteroff to purchase the books with the CD's?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. If I can even make something, anything that compares to your quilt Grocifer I will bw tickled pink.

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    Western Kentucky
    that is a very beautiful quilt!!
    Lisa Gibbs

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    It is beautiful but doesn't look like p piecing. Your experience sounds like some of my fiasco's!
    I guess we all suffer with our quilting.
    Have a wonderful Quilting Day, make it your way!
    Martha Tompkins

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    What a beauty! I avoid paper piecing. I waste so much fabric cutting pieces big enough to cover the shape and getting the right angle and so on. I sure like the precision when it's done, however.

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    Wow that is a great quilt and I don't see a single problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by grocifer View Post
    Bellaboo was right -- it is hard to learn paper piecing from a book.

    1.My first mistake was ordering a used Carol Doak book online that was missing the CD -- after all I can read!
    However I failed to notice that she wrote "after making copies of sections A and B, cut the triangles 0NE HALF inch from the outside line." I made ALL my outside lines also 1/4". (I am such a creature of habit.....)

    2. When I went to sew the segments together, I wound up with less than 1/8" seams in some places and even wound up with only a few threads in other places.

    3. To remedy this, I decided to try using some fray block but the tube was dried up.
    Okay .... then decided I would try Fray Check. Planned to dab it on sparingly with q-tip then discovered I was out of them too. Mind you, this was in the middle of a bad snowstorm so couldn't get to the mall.

    4. Of course, the fray check was slightly noticeable on the right side so resorted to using a Sharpie pen to remedy that. Still worrying the seams might come loose, I used small pieces of lightwt. fusible interfacing for re-enforcement.

    5. Also should have pressed some of my seams open and wound up with lumpy centers so took a mallet and clapper to those.

    6. Had planned to SID around the star segments but broke several needles trying to penetrate some of the thick seams. Free motioned it instead with my Viking 1+.

    With a great deal of regret (over not prewashing) and trepidation, I finally lucked out and not one fabric bled -- not even the black or reds.
    Sorry this post was so long.
    Now if my luck will just hold out one more time I will try to post a picture...........

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    I had tried paper piecing but somehow always messed up. One day at a gifted quilter friend's house I asked her for some tips on this. She generously led me through the process. We actually made a whole beautiful star block. I had made this paper piecing a monster in my head and when I did it step by step with her it turned out to be a pussy cat. If you have someone show you one on one, I think it is better. Now, I use the book for the pattern only and skip the directions as I think I may be brain cell impaired.

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    NanaCsews2 I hated that test and fell for once in third grade. Boy did I listen to directions ever since then. I only answered a few questions before the teacher reminded us to read the directions first. Ha. Beautifull quilt. It's the pitts when things go wrong though. Especially if you are a new quilter.

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    Carols 50 star book is an older book and the cd that came with it does not have patterns. It is more of a preview of paper piecing. The 50 Star pattern CD was a separate purchase. Her later books with CDs do in fact contain patterns, but not the 50 Star one. I bought one for the patterns and watched the one in the book today. If someone is missing the book CD, you really arent missing much.

    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
    The cds that come with Carol Doak's books are not how to paper piece, they are for printing out the block patterns. Foundation Factory is a software program that is all for paper piecing. All of Carol Doaks cds will install to Foundation Factory but also will stand alone. FF was on sale a few weeks ago for 50% off at Quilt Pro website. Quilt Pro is a quilt program that will support FF in designing quilts.

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    That is stunning. I'm glad you kept at it, now enjoy!!


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    Dec 2011
    Love to paper piece! Just started experimenting with using fabric - a light weight muslin or something cheap - instead of paper. Has been working so far and you don't have any paper to tear off....just leave the fabric on. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is an easier way to get the pattern onto the muslin. I've used transfer paper but need to find dark colors so I can see the pattern better. Where-oh-where is good ol' fashioned carbon paper?!

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