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I'm sure many of you subscribe to Penny Halgren's How-to-Quilt emails. They used to provide lots of hints for free, and while that's still true to some extent they have evolved to selling more products like quilting DVDs, webinars, etc...all related to quilting.

But in the past few days I've received one or two selling that diet/belly fat report/product...and I'm wondering if it's really coming from Penny. These are the kind of ads that pop-up blockers were made for! Okay, it's only a click to delete the emails, but it seems to me it seriously dilutes the quality of her own product (quilting advice/education) and makes her less credible. If this continues, I'll probably unsubscribe to her emails.

Anybody else have a reaction?
AAArrrggghhhh!!! Actually, I busted out laughing when I got it! I remembered the previous thread on this woman. The bottom line is -- she ain't nobody! But she does have some good tips once in a while, and I really like some of her block designs.