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Thread: Pep-Talk, please ...

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    You can remove a section of STD quilting quite easily. Give yourself "tails" at the end of both sections and knot and bury the thread tails. Start stitching in the same hole that you buried the thread ends and STD up to the start of the next section. You do have to be careful when you are getting close to rejoin the stitching to make sure the top or bottom haven't walked or you might get a pucker where you rejoin. So a chance of a pucker or a "kiss" as some call them or wonky STD. It's up to you.

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    Don't be too hard on yourself. Practice makes perfect.

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    As above, if it really bothers you take it out, but, if you plan on washing it after it is done, I'm guessing that will take care of anything obvious to you.

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    IMHO SiTD is NOT the easiest kind of quilting. When I started, I was really upset with my ditching, tried free motion and found it much easier. As a teacher, I did a great deal of writing on boards, so I just extended that skill to the quilt. Many of my earlier quilts were full of various words, such as Bible quotes.

    Back to your problem. Ditching requires a machine with a very even stitch, as well as a steady hand to look good from really up close. After 443 quilts, not all of mine make that standard, which is why I continue to do more FMQ. However, the good news is that you are probably the only person who will ever give your quilt that kind of scrutiny. Others on this board refer to the 10' rule. If it looks OK from 10 feet, you probably are worrying too much.

    One of my quilts that I was very discouraged about and almost left home from a quilt show took "Best of Division". The quilt that took "Best in Show" at our most recent show was made by a friend who almost didn't enter it because she was so discouraged. We are ALL our own harshest critics, even those of us with a pile of blue ribbons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QM
    IMHO SiTD is NOT the easiest kind of quilting. When I started, I was really upset with my ditching, tried free motion and found it much easier.

    Ditching requires a machine with a very even stitch, as well as a steady hand to look good from really up close.
    Agreed! I can do much better with FMQ than SID any day of the week.

    Add to the list of things required for SID ... straight well matched seams! If your piecing is lacking (and mine is), SID only makes it worse.

    Leave it or rip it? Only you can make that choice. I recently finished quilting a landscape quilt that was all FMQ with some thread painting, very happy with the turn out, except ... the border screamed "SID" so I did. Not happy with the quilting on the border - I should have done meandering instead. Am I going to rip it out? Nope. I decided that it is what it is - glory in it's imperfections. Once I have the binding on it I'll post pics including close up's of where SID went well, and where it went horribly wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiddyUpGo
    Oh I don't know ... Now I'm kind of tempted to post a few pictures and see if you all still think it looks fine! Seriously it looks like I had one hand on my quilt and the other on a glass of whiskey! LOL!

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    Relax and enjoy doing your quilts and in time you will be really good, don't judge yourself too hard.

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    I'm with everyone else....it is probably beautiful and you are to harsh with yourself, but I woul love to see it.

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    OK, we're all sitting here waiting... show us the pics!!

    Seriously, tho, I'm sure it's fine. Show us the pics and we'll prove it. But i understand wanting it to be perfect. I was the same way the first time I tried piecing... oh, wait, that was the only time! Ha. I'm still working on it. :roll:

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    I would let it sit for a day or two and then make a decision. I know that we are our own worst critics, and you are falling right into that pattern....see, you are a true quilter already.

    I prefer SID when I quilt. Everything else seems to cover up my pattern. Sometimes I do a diagonal thing....maybe it is called a cross stitch. I stretch blue painter's tape from one corner to another and follow that line as I sew. That may be something you want to try? I bought a SID foot that really helps me with the SID. It follows the seam exactly. Might be worth looking into?

    At any rate, let it sit a bit. I think it will look better than you think.

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