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Thread: Poll: Your Quilt Guild?

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    Senior Member Pat M.'s Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    One to two times a month for officers, and we have a monthly meeting for almost 180 members. Our group breaks up into Sewing Bees that meet 1-2 times a month, some weekly. We usually have a speaker from the group or some one that needs be to heard, usually a charity that need help. So far I like our group and would not change it.

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    Super Member Gramie bj's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Riverside Washington
    Officers meet at least once a month, commities meet as needed, Guild meets once a month, Always have something educational, A Show and tell, We pass a blessings basket, put in a dollar and anounce your blessing- new grand baby-your health has improved (a dear member told us it's officel! her cancer is in remision!!) things that mean something special to you. We have a bolck party going, if you want to pay $1 you get the instructions and focal fabric for a block you can do more than one if you want. for each block returned at the next meeting you get a ticket, during break we have a drawing, winner gets all the blocks that were returned. All funds raised go to help pay for batting and backing for the quilts we donate to places like our local Hospic, Pallidyn care (SP?), quilts of Valor and several other organizations. At the last meeting it was anounced that we now have over 200 members, our guild is only 28 years old so we are still growing, our youngest member is 15 and our oldest admits to 88. LOL we all seam to get along well. The one thing I'd change is if it was a shorter trip to get there for me. we meet at 6:00PM and its over 2 hr drive to get home. But that is my choice and I do enjoy the meetings.

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    Aug 2011
    New York
    Love my Guild! About 75 members, about a 2 hour business meeting once a month with Show and Tell. Dues $25, of which $10 goes to the VFW for letting use use the space. Twice a month Sit and Sew days, one evening a month for a work night helping each other pin quilts, make kits for donation quilts, etc. Donation quilts- over 140/year, occasional guest speaker, 2 -3 bus trips, 3 - 4 Quilt Til You Wilt long weekends with Pot Luck dinner. Officers meet once a month officially, but also see each other frequently at group events. The Guild makes a large raffle quilt to benefit the VFW, and donates quilts for other community organizations and schools to raffle. Like any organization there are about 20 core members who do so much of the essential work- organizing events, setting up the hall, coordinating with the VFW, community outreach and quilt delivery, etc. No Quilt Police Allowed. We can participate in Block of the Month raffles- $1 buys a baggie with directions for a block and a piece of fabric for it. We add the rest of the fabrics and bring it back the finished block to have a chance to win all. July's meeting is a picnic, December's is a dinner- restaurant or pot luck. There are also Retreat Weekends- 1 - 2 times a year at a hotel or resort. We teach classes for each other, and have a lending library. Open House annually during the town wide Garage Sale, and we even sell some items to build the treasury. It's a busy and fun group.

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    Junior Member just janet's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    New Jersey
    Our Quilt Guild has only 15 members. We meet twice a month. First is our business meeting and the second we work on charity quilts. We do Mystery Quilts, block of the month, we do demo's, we have a fat qtr exchange, we have show & tell, we go out to eat twice a year and have "grab bags" plus we go on shop hops and attend any quilt show that is in our area. Love our guild and the members, so glad I joined the group.

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    Super Member Daylesewblessed's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    West Texas
    Our guild has about 80 members with about 50 attending each month. The executive committee meets once/month or as needed. The program is mapped out for the year with flexibility as things may change. I like how the programs offer much variety. The planners are very creative and listen to suggestions. People are friendly, and there is a commitment to charity quilting. The meeting place is just the right size for the group, but the one thing I would change would be to have the capability for Power Point or at at least an overhead projector. A larger restroom would be great too - with 50 ladies there is usually a line at break time!


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    Senior Member kountrykreation's Avatar
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    May 2011
    My Toy Room in Texas
    I would love to join a guild, but sadly the two closest (one 45 minutes away, and the other, a little over an hour away) meet during the week, in the mornings, which eliminates any option of participating.

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    Super Member ShowMama's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Central Texas
    1. My guild officers meet once a month, separate from the guild meeting, but sometimes will skip a month if there's no pressing business. On rare occasions there may be a brief called meeting before or after the general meeting to take care of some special issue.
    2. The guild itself also meets once a month. We have an established day and place, so everyone knows when the meetings are for the entire year.
    3. For the first thirty minutes or so of each general meeting, we take care of "business". We make announcements, have committee reports, etc. Then once that part is taken care of, we have Show-N-Tell and then our program. Sometimes the program is a speaker, sometimes a demonstration, sometimes a trunk show. We've had nationally-known quilters as well as local quilters, and sometimes a company representative will come to show new products. At other times we may just utilize local talent to demonstrate new techniques. One month each year is a mini quilt show featuring the results of our yearly challenge, and in December we always have a Christmas party with games, exchanges, and food.
    4. My guild annually has about 125 members.
    5. The best things about my guild are the sharing, the inspiration, the education, and the fun. I've made some great friends and have learned tremendous amounts of things related to quilting.
    I guess the main thing I would change is to do away with "cliques". Some members form small groups and keep to those groups, with little guild interaction. It would be so nice if everyone freely moved about the entire group. I'm sure there are many who could offer much wisdom to others if they would just venture out of their small groups.
    I'd probably also change people's ideas about guild leadership. As a past guild president, I've seen how difficult it is to get members to step into officer positions. Sometimes we practically have to beg for someone to take a position. I feel quite disappointed when members complain about guild activities, but refuse to become involved in planning or managing those activities.

    I hope this helps you in some way. And I hope your guild can solve its problems to the benefit of everyone.
    There is no snooze button on a hungry cat!

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    Senior Member sandybeach's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Ridgecrest, CA
    Blog Entries
    Our guild has about 150+ members. The officers meet on the Tuesday evening before the monthly (first Thursday of the month) meeting. We have quite a good turn-out. At the meetings we discuss upcoming speakers or special events, have a fat-quarter drawing (you bring as many fats in a certain color and you get a ticket for each). Winner gets all the fat quarters. We have a name tag drawing (you wear your name tag and get a ticket). Winner gets a little gift (pattern, fat quarter, book, etc.). Raffle drawing for door prizes (tickets are $1 each). Each year we have a "Challenge Quilt". Someone volunteers to run it and makes up the rules. Some time in August or September we have voting on the quilts and prizes are given. Each month we have a block party. You are given directions for the block and are allowed to make three blocks. You turn them in and whoever wins gets all of the blocks to keep. We also have a show and tell time each month. We do wounded warriors quilts to give to the military hospitals. Plus women's shelter quilts. And Christmas stockings to send to the troops. We have a stitch-in at least once a month. You can bring anything you are working on and get help or help someone else with their project. Every other year we have a Quilt Show at the local fair grounds. We have vendors, auctions, raffles. The Guild arranges a bus trip to Road to California each January. Also have at least one retreat in the mountains. We send out a monthly newsletter. When we have a speaker at the Thursday meeting, they usually have one or two classes the following day/days. Our city is basically a Navy Base town and most people work flex schedules (every other Friday off). Wow, we are busier than I thought.

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    Super Member ube quilting's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Blog Entries
    I finally left the guild I was an active member in. There were about 130+ active members. A very big guild and very active in the community. Most of them were people who were retired or in a position where they didn't work and so could spend a lot of time working for the guild. I couldn't volunteer for a lot of stuff and felt really out of place and felt I was not contributing enough for the benifits I received. Over time it got very uncomfortable even being there. I am now a happy independent quilter.
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    Super Member mpspeedy's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    rural Maryland
    I belong to two guilds. The first one I was a member when it was only half a dozen or so of us and we met on a lady's sunporch. It is now at least 120 members and we rent the social hall at the largest church in the county. We have one big meeting the first wednesday of every month and a second smaller one the third wednesday. They are both in the evening. They do a lot of community projects, Block of the Month and donate to a lot of local chairities. They have a show every other year and a Bingo Fund Raiser every year. In the last couple of years we haven't had as many speakers or presentors as in the past. They have two huge retreats every year with almost every minute planned and accounted for. That is not my idea of a retreat. That guild is a good 20 minute drive for me and by this point I don't know at least 80% if the membership except by face if that. I don't know if the officers meet seperately or not.
    The second guild is a morning group, almost an hour drive for me. It is not quite as large and was founded by Mimi Dietrich. She is a sweetheart and the members of the guild have seen her through two boughts with Breast Cancer. That group is much more laid back. They still do a lot of chairity sewing but there is not as much pressure. They also have a covered dish luncheon at each meeting. They also have a show every two years and a Bingo every year. I have gone on retreat with them for the last five years at least. It is usually only about 20-25 people and there is no pressure to do certain projects. They don't meet in July and August. They to have cut back on speakers as they are getting more expensive every year.
    I am at a point in my life where I am not particulary intersted in learning a lot of new quilting skills. I enjoy trunk shows etc. and I have a lot of friends in both guilds. If the weather is iffy or I am tired I usually stay home. I do belong to a very small Bee from the closer guild that meets twice a month at a local Bernina dealer's. We usually bring some handwork, chat and then go out to lunch. It is much more enjoyable to me at this point than either of the guild meetings.
    Trying to sew, quilt or read everyday.

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