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Thread: Prewashing large cuts of fabric?

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    Fan fold in about 1 yard wide and pin the selvedge edges together. I put it in the washer on delicate and dryer on low this way. I do try to straighten it out before the dryer if it gets twisted up. It's much easier to handle large amounts of yardage this way. I did an 8 yard piece, but folded into about 2 yds wide instead. It was easier to pin because of the thickness of the fabric.

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    I just wash and go and deal with the twists. Like someone else said, kinda like sheets in the washer. You might want to consider pulling from the dryer while still damp though and doing your pressing then, makes the wrinkles less stubborn in my opinion.

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    zig-zagging the edges helps but when I dry mine I through a couple of old towels in with them and the towels seem to help keep them from twisting and wadding up.

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    Don't agitate. My machine has a gentle cycle that works well. Perhaps yours does too.

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    I zig zag or serge the cut edges on the fabric to keep it from raveling. I untwist it before I put it in the dryer. I prewash all my fabric. I don't want any surprises later on.

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    Thank you all! I have just cut the strings before throwing in the dryer before on smaller pieces and they just re-knot in the dryer. I will definitely try these. I usually do baby quilts for friends but I am attempting some larger projects soon so it is nice to know. Also, what does Pinking the edges mean?

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    Pinking shears blades cut little zig-zags and have traditionally been used in garment sewing to prevent seams from fraying. I've used all methods mentioned above and they all work just fine.
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    I just washed an 8 1/2 yard piece. Here is what I did to keep it under control.

    1. open fabric all the way on a big flat table or floor

    2. You are going to accordian pleat the fabric back and forth in about a one yard width along the whole length of the yardage. the selvage edges will be one the outsides and you flip the fabric back and forth.

    3. take large basting pins or safety pins and along the selvage ends on both edges pin seven or eight pins securing all the layers together. You will pin through the selvage layers along both edges of the fabric layers.

    4. Now you have a nice tidy layered pile of accordian pleated fabric. place this into a pillow case and pin it closed with several pins. more is better.

    5. wash on gentle cycle. I added several towels to balance the washer. I have a front loader.

    The fabric came out of the washer the same way it was after i pinned it all together.

    I did double spin it to remove as much water as possible and then put it in the dryer the same way.

    It was damp dry when removed and in one pretty bundle ready to remove the pins and iron dry.

    It worked fabulously. I had my DH help me handle the yardage and even he was impressed the way it worked.


    EDIT: I did pink the two cut ends just in case of fraying
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    I also saw this idea somewhere and tried it and it worked great.

    Judy in Phx, AZ

    Quote Originally Posted by lylamarie View Post
    I have accordion folded and pinned across the top (safety pins) and made sure the cut edges are folded inside. I have had good luck with that.

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    Kaye Wood has a snippet on You tube on how to do this. It is on the same show as Golden Threads. You fold it and pin it.

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