I have always been reluctant to order fabrics online, mostly bc I take a looong time, deciding on fabs, as I have a limited budget. I always have to 'feel' up the fabrics and to see if they are opaque or not, etc.
I have ordered once, by mail from keepsake qu and loved what I got. This board has made me feel a bit more confident, but it's nice to have a heads up as to what you may encounter with different companies.
I too, have some asthma and could not tolerate bad smells, and shortage of what you expected?...grrrr!
Her books are great, but one bad day on phone, can wreck a reputation. If I were her, after feeling a bit better, I would write a note to the caller, in this case, you...and make amends, and just say, "sorry, was having an off day, and shouldn't have...."
Glad you were honest with us, I will be careful. :)
P.S. thought bflywings suggestions were worth a try. I am very agreeable with ppl,...guess all those self help books about dealing with nasty people and diff types of personalities has paid off some, lol...but I am also, very, very serious about my fabrics...as I think, all of us quilters are. In this economy, we have to be, don't give up. No satisfaction, chalk it up to one bad experience and know that your sharing has not done anything that the person did not bring on themselves. If you get a different outcome on this, would be happy to hear about that too. Everybody gets a little cranky, now and then. (doesn't sound like just a bad day though.)