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Thread: Quilt Journals?

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    Quilt Journals?

    I was just curious. What are your reasons for keeping a journal about the quilts you have made?
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    I don't know I'll be watching this for answers.
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    I keep it to watch/note my progress. One of my goals in quilting is to learn something new, or try a new method or procedure with each new project. With the farmers quilt, I'm documenting blocks, dates, notes, etc., keeping track of what works, or doesn't work.

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    since i usually make up my own patterns, those are in my journal. also in there are fabric swatches and fabric measurements. i should add pictures of my quilts, but those are in my computer right now! i suppose one could add who they were given or donated to. i also add pictures of quilts that i see in catalogues i find attractive whether or not i plan on making them.
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    Well I just received 3 quilts that I beleive are from my Grandmother and I would love to know the history. (Was it a gift, why she made it, date, etc......)

    I keep a journal for the pattern, who I gave it to, for what occasion, that sort of thing. Plus a picture.

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    it's nice to look back & see some of the quilts you made years ago and had forgotten- it also helps me locate fabric i may be searching for, or remember why i don't like a particular batt-i haven't used in a while & find on sale. helps me keep track of who i've given quilts to, where donations have gone, time i've spent-in case someone contacts me wanting a particular quilt- i have a break down of what went into the first one. i can see how my technique has improved, how my styles/color choices have evolved. my granddaughter's and neices/nephew love looking through the journals- they too love to look back & see the quilt i made them when they were 4---then the one they got when they were 12...ect. and they talk about each other's and the circumstances of the gift- or the (group projects) we all worked on together- also helps me keep track of expenses, likes, dislikes, notes about problems- new techniques, hints, shortcuts...some quilts have alot of entry- some very little---but it's a nice record...and if i died today my daughter could look in the journal and know what was supposed to be happening with what i have laying around, finished and in the works- what goes where & why...
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    I have given away so many that I forget what I made. So I keep a journal and in it write dates and reasons for doing them and what problems I had and who they went to. Maybe so I will recognize it when I see it under their dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freckles48 View Post
    I have given away so many that I forget what I made. So I keep a journal and in it write dates and reasons for doing them and what problems I had and who they went to. Maybe so I will recognize it when I see it under their dog.
    I love that! Last month, I saw a picture of the quilt I gave a daughter for Christmas with her dog sleeping on it. She was telling me about a quilt I had given her the year before and I couldn't remember it at all. I looked back and there was a picture of the quilt. I started out just making photographs of my quilts; but have recently added information about making the quilt and the recipient. I still don't remember to whom I have given some quilts. I am so glad I have started the journal. Wish I had started it sooner.

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    When I give a baby quilt, I ask for a picture of the quilt with the baby on it. I get very few back. People don't print pics anymore. I try to take a pic before I give it too.
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    Started a quilt journal because I just couldnt remember what I have made over the years. wish I had started one earlier.
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