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Thread: Quilt show - to be or not to be judged?

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    Senior Member Tashana's Avatar
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    Quilt show - to be or not to be judged?

    I am a recent member of a local guild. We have our 15th biannual quilt show coming up and I am very determined to enter at least one of my quilts. The question is should I have them judged or not? I am realistic about my skills, but at the same time I do not want to make a complete fool out of myself. But then again, I have to start somewhere and my guild's show seems to be the logical first step. Quilts that I think of entering are 100% mine - my design, piecing and quilting. I do not have pictures because they they are still in my sketch book
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    Super Member alleyoop1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Go for it. I've been to a local quilt show and there are quilts of all ranges of skills on display. Since your quilts are original - or will be once they leave your sketch book and become a reality - you need to show off you ability. As far as entering them to be judged, just stand by one of them at the show and you will get a good idea of what people think. Judges go for perfection but the public go for style, color and originality, I think.

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    Senior Member Hinterland's Avatar
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    I would have them judged at least once - if not this show, then another.

    Unless you win a ribbon, no one but you will know what the judges say about your quilts. If it's a good judge, you'll get an idea of what the judge thinks is your strength and your weakness.


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    Senior Member ksdot417's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    The first quilt I had judged came back with a comment about the corners of my binding. I found it to be very helpful and my corners have improved imensely. Most of the judges I've encountered are pretty nice about giving helpful suggestions. Just make sure not to take it personally, they're only trying to make us better quilters.

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    Senior Member lfletcher's Avatar
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    I improved rapidly by entering quilt shows and having my quilts judged. I took their critiques to heart and improved the areas that they said needed improvement.

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    Super Member maryb119's Avatar
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    Go for it. I have had lots of quilt judged and I consider the judges coments a learning experience. They have had some simple, helpful tips to improve my quilting. Also keep in mind that the judges opinion is just that....an opinion. The only opinion that really counts is yours...are you happy with the design and workmanship? That is all that matters.

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    Southern Indiana
    I think its a learning experience, and can be very helpful. Its a great feeling and sence of pride, when you walk into a quilt show and see your quilt hanging there. I would go for it!

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    Super Member Dina's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    I would suggest you enter your quilt(s) to be judged. I have entered two quilt shows. The first time, two years ago, I had three judged. The comments were kind and encouraging, though she told me the same thing about the corners of my binding that I already knew. This year I entered three, not to be judged. I really don't have a competitive bone in my body. I did not feel bad about doing that, though these three quilts were way better than the three I entered two years ago. (I have been quilting 3 years. I entered last time because there was a grudge thing going on and half the members refused to enter their quilts. We were afraid we would have an empty show.)

    Anyway, I wished later this year that I had entered the quilts to be judged. They ended up being shown with 4 other unjudged ones, and those were older quilts, baby quilts, that had been used lots but were loved by family members who just wanted to share them. My quilts belonged with the others, even though I would not have won any prizes with my SID.

    So, I would vote that you enter them to be judged. I don't think you would regret it.


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    Power Poster BellaBoo's Avatar
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    I enter every quilt I made in the year to our local quilt show. If everyone felt their work wasn't good enough there wouldn't be a quilt show. I have entered quilts that weren't square, wavy borders, cut off points and crooked stitch in the ditch stitches. It didn't bother me. It gives others the chance to say If that quilt can be in the show mine can be too. I know those quilts won't win but it makes me happy to see my quilts displayed. They don't look as bad as I thought. I have won several first places over the years too.
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    Power Poster gabeway's Avatar
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    Judging is good. You can get good feedback and it can build confidence. The competition is not for tearing down but for building up.
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